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saltwater fish

Saltwater fish may be right for you if you want an aquarium at home but do not have the time to care for it. If you choose a variety that is easy to care for, you can enjoy its beauty and color. The following article provides a partial list.

Caring for Saltwater Fish

As a first measure, know that saltwater fish require a different kind of liquid than that which comes from the tap. It is easy to mix 35 grams of special salt per liter of water, which can be purchased at pet stores, and measure the salinity regularly.

Also, a water temperature of about 26°C is a good rule of thumb, but some species require higher or lower temperatures. Don’t forget to install gravel, plants, shelter elements, a filter to keep the water sanitary, and an aquarium in a location with direct sunlight.

Saltwater Fish: Which One to Choose?

Now that you know how to keep essential saltwater fish, the next question is which species to choose for your aquarium.

1) Surgeonfish

This is a very colorful, large species with a flattened body, reaching over 30 cm in length. It is found in the Indian Ocean and is characterized by its bright blue color and yellow dorsal fin. It tends to take refuge among objects in the aquarium, and it is recommended to keep only one fish to avoid behavioral problems.

2) Razorfish

Found in the calm reefs of the Red Sea and Indo-Pacific Ocean, the razorfish gets its name from its elongated shape, like the blade of a knife or razor. They grow to about 15 cm in size and are omnivorous in nature, which allows them to feed on small crustaceans and algae.

Razorfish colors range from brown to olive green to shades of gray and black. On the other hand, it should be noted that they can sometimes be aggressive toward fast-moving fish.

3) Striped Fish

Native to the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Easter Island, the striped fish is characterized by its bluish body and orange and yellow coloration. They have beak-shaped mouths to search for food among rocks and sand.

It is a carnivorous fish that eats mussels and shrimp. It is peaceful and friendly and likes to live in groups with other fish. They also require live rock or sand to bury themselves.

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4) Dwarf Magenta Bass

If you want an eye-catching fish in your aquarium, choose the magenta bass, which requires a large tank (200 liters or more) and can be somewhat territorial with smaller fish, but will settle in if it has a place to hide.

5) Damsel

The damselfish, similar in coloration to the Southern Tern, is another saltwater fish to choose for your aquarium. Ideal for beginners, they are solitary animals that grow to about 5 inches and are adapted to an artificial environment. It is essential to allow them space to swim freely. Otherwise, they can become shy and aggressive toward fish of their own species.

6) Clownfish

This saltwater fish is famous for its beautiful orange and white color with black edges and due to the movie “Finding Nemo”. They live in coral reefs protected by sea anemones, which help to remove bacteria from their mouths.

7) Goby

Goby is a saltwater fish that is about 10 centimeters long, and there are about 2,000 subspecies. The best known are the cleaners, which feed on fellow parasites with which they share a small community and can adapt to changes in environment and temperature.

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Which saltwater fish would you rather choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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