May 26, 2024
Are Dogs Good Driving Companions?

“Man’s best friend” is a phrase commonly used for dogs. We all know that dogs make great companions because they are incredibly loyal and because their positive attitude is infectious. One of the most appreciated benefits of owning a dog is that it’s almost impossible to feel lonely and isolated when you have a dog by your side. In addition, some canines are very good at providing endless entertainment to keep you active and lower your stress levels. This is why dogs have always been number one, with more than 48.3 million households owning dogs in the United States.

While these four-legged friends make the best life companions, future pet owners wonder if they are good driving companions.

So, let’s find out!

Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Travel Companions

Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Travel Companions

No Critics

While we all love hitting the road with our loved ones, the comments your friends, family or significant other make about your driving can be really annoying. No matter how many times you offer them free rides to work, there is no end to complaints about how you should have braked sooner, you should have changed lanes “back there,” or you shouldn’t have parked close to the other car. When you are driving fast, you are reckless and when you are driving slow, you are incompetent.

New research suggests that many car drivers feel uncomfortable or anxious with the complaints of their family and friends while driving.

However, when traveling with your dog, you’ll never hear a critic about your driving ability.

Take Whatever Route You Want

Again, when you are traveling with a family member or friend, you will hear,“Why did you take this route?”

Whether you are a learner driver or an experienced driver, it’s completely normal to make mistakes and choose the wrong or longer route. While this is considered “unforgiving” for our friends and family, dogs would just sit and have fun watching the passing scenery. If you take the wrong route and find yourself on a one-way street, your dog will never get annoyed and will never say, “I told you so.”

“Are We There Yet?

Ever had a nightmarish road trip with kids constantly shouting, “Are we there yet?”

Unlike human beings, dogs do not have a real sense of passing time. Even, when they’re in the car with you, they’ll have no clue where they are going and so, you won’t hear any complaints about not taking too much time to reach the destination.

Your Own Pace

If there’s a very attractive person in the car next to you, it’s impossible not to stare. But, when you are carrying along your mother or sibling, you’ll hear, “Look, just stop staring while you drive.”

“Stop staring?” “What if it’s Gigi Hadid in that car?”

Well, when you are driving with your dog, you can stare as much as you want. And, you can also stop at every food stand, kiosk and landmark that’s on your way as your dog does not care how long it takes you to get to your destination.

Why Dogs Don’t Make Great Driving Companions?

Why Dogs Don’t Make Great Driving Companions?
Are Dogs Good Driving Companions?Recently, a survey was carried out by a leading insurance company and the results showed that out of 91 % of drivers, almost half said that they were distracted while driving when their dogs were in the car.

This finding raised the alarm for most dog owners.

A distraction can endanger not only the driver and the dog, but also everyone in their immediate surroundings. “We all love our dogs. But, some of their behaviors like jumping between seats, sitting on drivers’ laps and sticking their heads out the window can divert a driver’s attention and lead to tragic consequences,” says Scott Smith, director of safety management at Selective Insurance.

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