May 26, 2024

Have you ever heard of the BARF diet? No idea what it is? Well in today’s post, we will learn more about it. The BARF, which stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” or “Bones and Raw Food” diet,  is the natural diet that is currently recommended to give our dogs and is composed of fresh and natural products. BARF dog food is a diet that provides our pets with important benefits, since it is composed of natural products, adapted to your nutritional needs.

Food is a fundamental element in the development and well-being of our dog, so the choice of the type of food you provide is an important decision you must make.

The BARF diet, because it is a natural diet, eliminates the kibble or food balls, which is an easy product to give, since it does not require much effort, but because it is a food without any moisture and therefore processed it should not be the basis of the diet of our pets.

Advantages of BARF Diet

Among the advantages of the BARF diet for dogs, there is the fact that it is natural, which brings important benefits such as:

– Their energy and vitality are increased

– Improves their breath by not containing bacteria

– Increases their muscle mass and their hair becomes shinier

– Dental problems are avoided

– Prevents skin problems and ear infections

– Prevents arthritis and joint problems

– Increased hydration

– Resistance to internal and external parasites

– Less voluminous stools

– They consume more water, among other things

In order for your dog to enjoy the above benefits, it is advisable to start small, with a light recipe from time to time, without mixing with the food, and then gradually increase the amount while decreasing the amount of concentrate.

Recommended Ingredients and Quantities

Chicken breast and wings, pork, lamb, veal, beef, veal heart (being a muscle, it is also considered meat). Sardines, trout, boneless fish in general. Fleshy and soft bones that are easily digested, such as chicken or turkey carcass, chicken neck or chicken wings. This food contains a great deal of nutrition.

Fresh and available fruits and vegetables, you can provide bananas, apples and pears. Like vegetables, pumpkin, chard or spinach.

Cereals such as rice and potatoes, which can be cooked with the skin.

Raw or cooked eggs, plain yogurt and other natural food supplements.

Suggested Amounts

To calculate the amount you should give your pet, you should take into account its current weight, in case it is overweight, its age and the amount of daily exercise it does.

– Sedentary or spayed adult 2%

– Normal adult dog 2,50%

– Athlete dog 3%

– Puppy 2-4 months 10%

– 4-6 months old 8%

– 6-8 months old 6%

– 8-10 months old 4%

– 10-12 months old 3%

The daily dose is between 1.5 and 10% of the animal’s body weight depending on its age and activity level.

Here is a Chicken and Turkey Recipe with All Essential Nutrients

This recipe is enjoyed by most dogs and provides many essential nutrients that are beneficial to their health.


– Carcass or other meaty chicken bone

– Turkey gizzards

– Turkey liver

– Spinach

– Carrot

– Quail or chicken egg


– Defrost bones, meat and giblets.

– Wash the egg well in cold water. You can give it with or without the shell depending on the dog’s taste.

– Cut the spinach and carrot into pieces, you can steam them or give them raw.

– Put all the ingredients on the plate.

Some Disadvantages of This Diet

The food must be fresh, without seasoning or additives, to avoid digestive diseases such as diarrhea in dogs and other conditions.

If you are considering feeding BARF to your pet, it is recommended that you seek advice from animal nutrition professionals, as the physiological characteristics of each animal are different and what some provide that is beneficial to others may cause a negative reaction.

Here you go! You now know everything on a BARF diet. So are you going to give it to your dog? What are your thoughts on it? Share them in the comments below.

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