April 24, 2024
Easy to Make DIY Dog Toys

Dogs are genetically hardwired to chase things down, catch and even eat them sometimes. Toys, in my opinion, kind of pacify and satiate that urge in dogs.

So, if you are searching for a way to engage your dog, here are some simple DIY toys you can make for your furry friend.

How To Make a DIY T-shirt Dog Toy?

How To Make a DIY T-shirt Dog Toy?

Materials you’ll need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Two used t-shirts

Instructions on how to make a DIY t-shirt dog toy:

Step 1: You can begin by cutting small 2-3 inches wide slits at the very base of the two t-shirts.

Step 2: Once you’ve cut the wide slits, rip along the slit and you’ll see the t-shirt will have the perfect strips of fabric.

Step 3: Now, arrange all the t-shirt strips together and tie off one end. Then, try to divide all the strips into thirds and braid them properly.

Step 4: Once you’ve braided them together and even at the other end, attach them at the bottom and trim any straggling t-shirt strips.


“Confession time: I’m not a talented individual, regardless of the amount I want to be. I’ve made so numerous Pinterest bombs I could humiliate you. “Simple weekend project?” Yeah, right. However, not all DIY undertakings are convoluted, and this straightforward DIY dog toy, honestly, looks like some genuine instances of activity that anybody can deal with. So, I really hope that I can work this out.” – From N

“I love playing pull with my dog. Minute for minute it’s quite possibly the most genuinely and intellectually debilitating games there is. What’s more, the uplifting news is on the off chance that you don’t have a pull toy at home you can without much of a stretch make your own with a piece of rope and tennis ball. But, this is the first time I found that you can actually make a dog toy with t-shirts. Plus, I find it really easy and simple to make. (JINX!) – From Anonymous 

How To Make a DIY Muffin Tin Hide and Seek Game?

How To Make a DIY Muffin Tin Hide and Seek Game?

Materials you’ll need:

  • A dozen tennis balls
  • A standard muffin tin (I would strongly recommend the use of silicon muffin tins)
  • Dog treats

Instructions on how to make a DIY muffin tin hide and seek game:

Step 1: You start by getting your muffin tin ready by making sure it is perfectly clean. Then, you can start breaking all your dog’s favorite treats into a few small pieces. You can then proceed by placing some of them in the muffin tin (just go for it randomly).

Step 2: Now, it’s time to put the tennis balls in the muffin cups to cover the treats you placed earlier and hide them from your dog’s sight.

Step 3: Once you’ve put the muffin tin right in front of your dog, let him take his time and sniff around. You’ll see that as soon as he realizes his favorite treat is hiding right under the ball, he’ll figure out a way to knock the tennis ball out and gobble up the yummy treat!


“My dog is so cute! We have another little maltese bichon, but he never understands games, lol. We throw things for him to catch and he just runs around them in circles Maybe he would like this one though since it has such a great incentive!” –From Debbie

“Wow this is so fun and purposeful at the same time. I’ll tell my aunt who has a dog that a muffin tray works. Thanks for sharing!!” – From Michelle

“These are all such cute ideas! I had been house sitting for my daughter’s lab the last month and I would have loved to know about this tennis ball game them but I will definitely be doing it when she comes back over!” – From Dia


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