May 26, 2024
How to Choose Your Cat's Basket

How to Choose Your Cat’s Basket


    – Why have a cat basket?

    – Baskets and hammocks for cats

    – Complement to the cat basket: the mats

    – Houses for cats

    – Cat beds: what price?

A cat basket is not necessarily an essential accessory, just like a litter box, a bowl, or a carrier. But it can bring well-being and comfort to your cat, especially if it is old.

Why have a cat carrier?

Although getting a cat to sleep in a place where it hasn’t decided to go is complicated, a cat carrier can be very useful.

    – You don’t necessarily want your cat to spend all day on your bed or couch and shed hair.

    – In the winter, your cat will surely be pleased to have his basket near the radiator or the fireplace.

    – However, you may have to try out several baskets, hammocks, or houses and move them around before you find one your cat will like.

Baskets and hammocks for cats

There is a difference between cat baskets and hammocks.


How to Choose Your Cat's Basket

There are many shapes and sizes of foam baskets to put on the floor. However, most cats may not like this idea: sleeping on the ground without protection overexposes them to rest in peace. Only the most confident cats will accept this option.


The hammocks hung on a support and thus less in direct contact with the ground can constitute an interesting alternative to the baskets. There are different models:

    – Model to hang on a radiator (be careful, only water and never electric): it allows the cat to be in the front row to enjoy its heat;

    – Model to hang on the feet of an armchair: it is then under the seat of this one.

    – Model fixed on a metal or wooden support: the support is then put on the ground, but the hammock is not in contact with the ground.

Complement to the cat basket: the mats

As a complement or alternative to the cat carrier, window or thermal mats are attractive comfort accessories for your cat’s resting place.

Window mats

As their name suggests, window mats are placed on the windowsill:

    – They are made of very soft material and equipped with anti-slip nubs underneath.

    – Some models are also equipped with additional fasteners that allow the mat to be hung along its entire length if the sill is not wide enough.

Thermal mats

You can buy a thermal mat for your cat. It will bring him much comfort, especially if he is old:

    – Heating mats keep the joints of older cats warm.

    – Cooling mats can be useful for older cats and cats with flat faces (Persian type) during hot weather.

Cat houses

Cat houses come in different materials and sizes:

    – igloo tent: made of nylon, this is the simplest model;

    – Sleeping bag: made of synthetic fur, it allows the cat to hide in the warmth of the bottom;

    – cozy house: made of foam covered with fabric, it is washable;

    – kennel: it is made of wood and a real little shelter for the cat and can be decorated with a ladder to climb on the roof, a balcony, decorations…

Cat basket: what price?

Prices vary from $15-20 to nearly $150 for the most luxurious models.

 Hope this post will be helpful. We will cover more topics on cats in our upcoming articles. If you want to read about something particular, kindly let us know in the comments below.

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