May 26, 2024
How to Make Your Cat More Affectionate

How to Make Your Cat More Affectionate


 – Affectionate cat: two opposite behaviors

 – Affectionate cat: the owner’s emotional expectations

 – Breeds of cats that are particularly affectionate

 – How to make a cat more affectionate?

 Just like human beings, cats have very different characters. They are independent animals, but some are more cuddly than others. A cat that is too cuddly or that refuses all contact may have developed a behavioral disorder. It is important to observe to better understand your pet. Cuddly cat or not? Here are some explanations.

Affectionate cat: two opposite behaviors

 A cuddly cat manifests itself by seeking contact with its owner and family or with visitors to the house. He jumps on your lap, rubs against your legs, and seeks to be caressed. Conversely, some other cats do not seek out these reactions at all.

 Not an affectionate cat

 A cat may not be naturally cuddly. They don’t particularly seek out contact with others and live alongside humans without trying to initiate any relationships. This can be quite normal. If, on the other hand, this behavior is exacerbated, if the cat actually shuns contact and becomes aggressive, then it has developed a behavioral disorder. This problem can then be corrected in whole or in part with the help of a veterinarian or a feline behaviorist. This is a long process that requires a lot of patience and dedication.

 Overly affectionate cat

 On the other hand, an overly cuddly, “clingy” cat has likely also developed a behavioral disorder called hyper-attachment. He can’t stand to be separated from his master, follows him everywhere, climbs on his lap, paws to demand attention, etc. This type of attitude can, in some cases, result in significant stress, self-mutilation, destruction, or uncleanliness. It also requires consultation with a veterinarian or behaviorist.

Affectionate cat: the owner’s emotional expectations

How to Make Your Cat More Affectionate

 The cat has the reputation of being a cuddly animal that likes to be caressed. This is indeed often the case, but one must not neglect “his person”. Indeed, many owners sometimes take their cat for a cuddly toy, a ball of hair to cuddle whenever they want. They systematically grab their animal in their arms when it passes near them, regularly go to caress it while it sleeps, and call it at any time. This type of demanding and recurring emotional expectation on the part of humans can have harmful consequences on the cat (and on its relationship with its owner) because it will tend to feel aggressed. A cat needs to have its space, sleep, and activity time respected.

 Breeds of cats that are particularly affectionate

 It is, of course, variable according to the individuals, but some breeds of cats are known to be more cuddly than others:


 – Sacred cat of Burma;

 – Ragdoll;

 – Chartreux;

 – Maine coon;

 – Siamese.

How to make a cat more affectionate?

 Some cats, because of their character, will never become cuddly! But others can manage to be more affectionate if their master respects their space and their biological rhythm. The more you let the cat come on its own, the more it will come back willingly. By respecting these few rules, it is likely that the human-cat relationship will be more and more harmonious, and the cat will feel confident enough to initiate contact:

 – do not disturb the cat when it sleeps;

 – not to take the cat in his arms systematically;

 – do not necessarily pet or hug the cat when it tries to approach;

 – don’t necessarily caress it if it comes to lie on your lap or settle next to you;

 – stay attentive to his signals: if during petting, he lays down his ears, wags his tail, stops purring, has his back quivering… it’s time to stop.

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