June 22, 2024
How to Tame a Hamster in 7 Easy-To-Follow Steps?

When you have a new pet, you’ll want it to be as comfortable as possible so that you can grow closer to it. The same applies to hamsters. However, some of them will take time and may even need to be tamed. Let’s see how!

Ensure That Your Hamster Is Living in a Comfortable Environment

If you want your hamster to become more attached to you, you must build a proper cage for him. Put down some absorbent bedding to make your hamster feel comfortable. This allows your hamster to relieve itself in its cage as well. You’ll need to clean the bedding on a daily basis and change it once a week or so.

Special Reminder: Make sure to place a water bottle in your hamster’s cage for him to drink from.

Feed Your Hamster on a Regular Basis

Feed Your Hamster on a Regular BasisHamsters are omnivores, which means they eat both animal and plant-based diets. Dried hamster food pellets are the most popular thing to feed hamsters, but it is advisable to complement your pet’s diet with tiny pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables as a treat a couple of times each week. Hamsters should eat roughly ten grams of dry hamster food twice a day.

As a reward, give them little bits of broccoli, peaches, cauliflower, or bananas. Citrus (like oranges and lemons) and acidic (like onions) meals should be avoided since they may create an upset stomach in your hamster.

Also, avoid putting too much pressure on your hamster in the first few days after you obtain it. This is especially important during feeding time. Simply put the food in the cage and allow the hamster to eat. This will help your hamster feel more confident in your presence.

Wait a Week Before You Touch It

Allow the hamster some time to get acquainted with you and feel comfortable and at home in its new environment. Avoid any touch with your hamster for the first week or so. This procedure might take some time at times. It is vital that you first be patient.

Help Your Hamster Recognize Your Voice

When you’re near your hamster’s cage, use a soothing voice to speak to him. It’s natural for the hamster to be scared of you at first. You want your pet to identify your voice so it doesn’t fear you.

You might approach the cage and spend some precious time just talking to your hamster. After a few days, you may even remove the cage cover to improve your hamster’s hearing. Just make sure it doesn’t get away.

Always Give Your Hamster Treats

Always Give Your Hamster TreatsBegin giving goodies to your hamster through a hole at the top of the cage or between the cage bars, depending on the style of enclosure you have for your tiny hamster.

Using sweets to pamper your pet will assist your hamster to overcome his or her phobia of you. You may also massage the reward in your palm to get the hamster used to your scent. Continue for a few days.

Please Clean Your Hands

Wash your hands well before picking up your hamster for the first time. This can get rid of any leftover food scents on your hands. You don’t want your hamster biting you by mistake.

If you are worried about getting bitten, you might try using gloves at first while picking up your hamster.

Begin by Gently Placing Your Hand Inside the Cage

Once your hamster is awake, slowly insert your hand inside the cage. Give your hamster a whiff of your hand. And don’t force it to accomplish anything. If your hamster appears scared and is backing away from you, remove your hand and try again in a week or two.

You may also place a few snacks in your hand to calm the hamster down.

Don’t back away from your hamster when you’re preparing to pet or handle it. Even if it terrifies you, you’ll simply make it scarier.


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