July 23, 2024
Is It Okay to Talk to Your Dog Like He’s a Human Being?

A wildly shaking finger to a pet means no while a thumbs-up means yes. However, pet owners have stopped talking with commands or with hand signs to their pets.

Today, it’s pretty common for people to have a normal conversation with their dogs, cats or even fish. But, I wonder if it’s normal or okay to do so.

Do You Talk to Your Dog?

Do You Talk to Your Dog?“What do you have in your mouth? Give it to me!”

“Stop bringing me my own shoes!!”

“Eww, don’t you dare eat that bug. Leave it!”

“Come here, I said, come here, right now!!”

“What is it? You want to play?”

“No, no, no playing today, sorry buddy!”

“Hey, sit. Place. Good boy.”

“Boooooooy, you are testing me everyday.”

“I said, stop it. Okay?”

“Ohh, what happened to my baby?”

“Kupo, who is it?”

“Where are you? Come here! Look what I bought you.”

I’m sure you are pretty familiar with these lines, as they are some of the most common things we tend to say to our dogs. However, I know many people who tend to talk a lot more to their dogs –like having conversations with them as they would do with another person.

It’s not just about saying “Bye” when they are leaving or “Hello you” when they come back home from work. They will say “Excuse me” or “Sorry” when they step on their dogs accidentally. They will even tell them what happened during the day or at work and share lots of personal things with them.

Are you like this? Well, my question to you would be: Is it normal that you talk to dogs?

And, I know most responses would be like, “Do you mean to say that there are people who actually don’t talk to their dogs?”

Well, I guess it’s pretty common and maybe normal that you talk to dogs because nowadays dogs are not just pets, but are rather considered as members of a family. Your dog knows everything about you and your little secrets, so, I guess you can have conversations with him. In fact, I was pretty surprised when I learned that a lot of people actually find comfort in talking to their dogs.

Here are some of these heart-warming stories:

Story 1:

“I lost my wife at a very young age and since she left me, I was all alone and depressed. I had no one to talk to and the house was so silent that it was pretty scary. But, today I must say I’m happy to have the company of my two dogs and I just love talking to them. They know when I’m happy, sad or not feeling well. They are the best companions!”

Story 2:

“I went through a huge depression mode when my bf dumped me – he actually cheated on me and that was really hard for me to accept. Life was not the same. I stopped laughing and talking and it felt as if I stopped living altogether. However, when I got Luca, everything changed. He became my reason to live. I talked to him every day and it felt always good talking to him. He always listens and even if he doesn’t talk back, his enthusiastic looks and head tilts were enough for me.”

Story 3:

“My dog died 2 years ago and his box of ashes is still in my garden. When he was alive, I used to talk to him every day and I still talk to him. I was emotionally close to him and I always love how he used to look at me with his golden eyes. I like to think that even if he is not here physically, his spirit can still hear me. I just hope I get through that mourning phase.”





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