July 23, 2024

Each dog has its unique personality. There are breeds that appear always lazy while others never seem to get tired, really nervous and agitated dogs whose attitude can negatively influence the coexistence of the household in certain situations.

In general, dogs can have moments of agitation and nervousness depending on the situation they are in. Don’t know how to help a hyperactive dog relax? Not to worry! In today’s article, you will find what you need to help calm your furry friend.

Petting and Massaging

Dogs love all the time we spend with them, whether it’s inside or outside the house. Puppies need attention, affection to feel part of the family and to live in a comfortable environment. Giving our dog a few minutes to be petted will calm its nerves and promote serenity.

Physical Activity

Premium Photo | Dog plays with the ball at the park

All dogs need a minimum amount of physical activity and time to spend with their loved ones outside. However, the amount of activity will depend on your dog’s breed.

Physical activity is not only very beneficial to a dog’s health, but it also helps calm their nerves. Try to spend more time with your pet by doing the following activities:

  • Playing ball in the park
  • Going for a run
  • Activities with other dogs
  • Walks in the mountains
  • Beach days for dogs
  • Long walks in the city, at the beach or in the mountains

All of these plans help to relax a dog, as well as make him happier.

Coexistence at Home

Improving the coexistence with your dog at home is a factor that we sometimes neglect. However, we must keep in mind that a dog, like any other member of the household, greatly appreciates a clean, orderly and noise-free house.

These characteristics of the house have a considerable influence on our pet’s mood. If we manage to maintain a comfortable home for all family members, respecting spaces and avoiding clutter, the general level of anxiety will be reduced and so will the dog’s nerves.


Several studies have shown the power of music to calm certain moods, and this therapy can also be applied to relax a dog. Try soft, relaxing tunes and see which one your furry friend enjoys the most.

Avoid Fears

Every dog has its own personality and has certain fears as it grows. If you know your dog well, you’ll know when he’s feeling fear and anxiety. Avoid exposing him to these situations, as they will cause stress and nervousness in your dog.

Compensating for Good Behavior

This action will allow your dog to understand the correct attitudes in each situation and to include them in his daily routine. In addition, it helps to improve his behavior and calm his moments of stress.

Do Not Medicate Dogs

You should never medicate a dog in an attempt to calm it. Before making such a decision, you should consult a veterinarian, as only he or she can determine how to relax an anxious dog with medication.

Watch Your Attitude

Your dog is well aware of your attitude and if you are in a nervous mood, it will reflect on him. To get him to try to relax you, always address the dog in a gentle tone and avoid punishing him, especially when he is very excited.


Did you know that there is a specific yoga for dogs? Called “doga”, this activity consists in adapting traditional yoga to dogs to calm them down. This technique improves the animal’s mood, relieves stress and nervousness in dogs. In addition, doga allows you to connect your body and mind with your best canine friend, which will help you strengthen your bond.

To relax your dog, it’s not enough to put these tips into practice just once. It’s very important that these tips become part of your daily routine. Stability and balance will be key to improving your pet’s stress. What breed do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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