May 26, 2024

Poodle is a dog’s breed that is characterized by its good learning and obedience ability. It is a good guardian of the house because it has a great ability to warn, when a stranger approaches your house, its fur is curly and woolly, In today’s article, we want to introduce you to the behavior and character of the Poodle and other aspects that make it a great pet. Enjoy the discovery!

There are different varieties of Poodle: toy, miniature, dwarf, medium and giant.  Although its size adapts to life in an apartment, this breed of poodle needs a good exercise and it is appropriate to satisfy its good activity.

Poodle Behavior and Character

The Poodle is a very desirable pet because it is a great one to have by our side, it has always stood out for its good memory and intelligence. And those characteristics make this breed have an exceptional level of learning.

Its character is disciplined, active and alert. In spite of its small size, it is a very good guardian, it is not afraid of strangers who come to its home, and it warns its masters of their presence with its loud barking. However, he is very kind and affectionate with people he knows, and much more with his owners and children. He adapts well to life in an apartment.

An Essential Education

Because of its great intelligence, if it is badly educated, it can develop dominant attitudes towards its masters, because it knows that any whim will be carried out.

Whimsy, disobedience and some aggression are some of the common behavioral problems of poorly trained poodles, and are more evident in small specimens.

It is important to start training him as early as possible in order to obtain a healthy and balanced adult dog. When socialized at an early age, they learn to like children and can become friendly with strangers.

Poodles’ Temperament

Intelligent, active, loyal, instinctive and alert are some of the best adjectives to describe the Poodle’s temperament. In general, we can describe the Poodle as follows:

It is a very cunning dog, able to learn quickly. It is generally very sociable and quickly attaches itself to family members. It tends to be shy around strangers and is rarely aggressive, except for sporadic barking.

Special Care

Poodles’ coats tend to mat easily, so it is advisable to brush them between two and up to three times a week, to maintain the haircut, they should be taken to the hairdresser every month and a half, the same interval in which they should be bathed.

Poodles need a lot of company, they are not pets that can live isolated because they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. They should always be walked at least twice a day. Although their exercise requirements are not very high, they do need daily exercise.

It is advisable to use play with our poodle since he is a puppy. Play is a positive and healthy reinforcement, punishments should always be avoided.

With the poodle we can I think or elaborate a meal offer. In the case of food, it is advisable to choose a good quality and trustworthy brand.

Remember that you must make the visits to the veterinarian so that you can have all the necessary vaccines and a good deworming and can enjoy good health.

To summarize, the good behavior and character of this beautiful breed make the poodle an excellent company. Now that you know more about this wonderful dog, do you want to get one too? And what is your favorite dog breed so far? Let us know all these by leaving a comment in the section below.

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