April 24, 2024

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What do most dogs have in common, regardless of breed, size, or age? By nature, most dogs love to play. Perhaps you are a little bored with playing ball and are looking for another indoor or outdoor activity to play with your friend. This article will give you some ideas to make your dog’s playtime fun and mentally stimulating!

Why Is Play Important for a Dog’s Development?

Play is also crucial for dogs emotionally, physically, and academically. Especially after spending time alone at home, everyone, dogs included, need a place to release their exasperation and vent their energy. They can also learn social skills, such as getting along with other dogs, children, and neighbors, and develop emotional bonds through play. It also improves coordination and provides mental stimulation. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time. Even a short amount of time is enough play for your dog and is absolutely worth it.

Games and Play for Your Dog

Many games that do not require much preparation or complex attributes can be easily played with your dog. Ideally, they should be played outdoors, but this is not always possible due to inclement weather or lack of outdoor playgrounds where dogs can play. However, many games can be arranged to be played indoors. Of course, it will be somewhat less lively. Below are some popular games that can be played both indoors and outdoors.

1) Fetching

No game to play with dogs would be complete without the classic “fetch.” This classic game may seem simple, but not all dogs understand right away that you want to retrieve a ball or object. For retrieving to really work, the dog must first master the basics of retrieving and grounding. Once the dog is willing to catch and return the ball, retrieving can be hours of fun and good exercise. Many dogs like to play fetch. Fetch is obviously an outdoor game, but an improved version can be played indoors in a well-placed area where the ball is not thrown far, and the dog can move freely and not bump into anything.

2) Dog Frisbee

This is a great game to play outdoors. Some dogs quickly understand that they must catch the Frisbee and return it, while others need guidance. First, familiarize your dog with the Frisbee by having him catch it in his mouth. Once he is used to the Frisbee, teach him how to return it by rewarding him with a hug or treat when he returns it. Then, continue practicing by throwing the Frisbee a little farther, rewarding him again when he catches it, and throwing it farther. This is a fun way to train your dog to run and jump while practicing retrieving the Frisbee. Be sure to purchase a Frisbee for dogs, as a human Frisbee can hurt them and be difficult to catch. This game requires an ample space, so ensure there are no small children around to avoid injury.

3) Water Games

Many dogs love water and will be happy to run with you in the sprinkler in the yard, especially in the summer when temperatures rise. They also enjoy pulling toys out of the water, so if you live near a clean pool suitable for dogs’ swimming ability, you can toss floating toys into the water for them to bring back. Paddling or canoeing with dogs is very popular these days. Since dogs love being in the water, they will surely jump in and swim. Even if you are a confident swimmer, have your dog wear a life jacket. If you don’t have a waterfront but have a yard, you can build a doggy pool and let your dog splash around in the summer. You must watch your dog when he is in the water.

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Which games do you like to play with your dog? Share it with us in the comments below!

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