May 26, 2024

Adopting a dog is a significant (and beautiful!) commitment. The list of things to consider while learning how to adopt a dog might be considerable, ranging from emotional and financial preparation to recognize the type of dog that best matches your lifestyle.

That’s why we’re here to help with our adoption guide, which includes questions to ask shelters as well as questions to ask yourself to ensure a paws-itive experience for you and your new fur baby!

Which Dog Is Fit For Me?

Here are some things to ask before adopting a dog, ranging from health history to behavioural needs:
What is the reason for this dog’s placement in a shelter? Knowing why the dog ended up in the shelter (abandonment, stray, or rescue) will help you better understand the animal’s emotional requirements and what you’ll need to do to meet them.

person holding brown and white short coated dog

What condition was the dog in when it was discovered? A dog that has been surrendered by its owner may not be in the same physical condition as a stray spotted on the street. Knowing where a dog has been can help you be the best dog owner you can be!

Has this dog ever been adopted?
It’s helpful to know whether there have been previous failed adoption attempts. Perhaps the shelter has already discovered that the dog is happiest when alone – this will come in handy if you get another pet in the future!

Is this dog housebroken and/or taught to walk on a leash? Have you got the time and resources to house a train and/or leash train a dog? Before you fall in love with an untrained puppy, be sure you know what you’re capable of as a new owner.

Is this dog in need of special medical care? Rehabilitating animals can be soothing for some people, but it can also be overwhelming for others. Knowing what you’re capable of will aid you in finding the perfect fit for each shelter dog!

Am I The Best Fit For The Dog?

Now that you’ve looked for the best dog for you, you should look if you are the best fit for the dog (its vice-versa).


Large dogs need room to run about and wag their tails safely. Smaller canines can fit into tighter areas and can be carried around with you on a regular basis. Determine which one best suits your needs.

Level Of Activity

While some dogs have a lot of energy and make excellent jogging partners, others prefer a more laid-back lifestyle. Consider your own level of exercise and choose a dog that will complement it!

Maintenance Of The Body

black short coat large dog

The amount of physical maintenance a dog requires is determined by the breed. Mastiffs frequently require a slobber towel to absorb excess drool, and long-eared varieties are prone to ear infections. Know how much physical maintenance you’re willing to take on.


When choosing a dog, it’s critical to understand your age constraints. Whether you’re glad to fall in love with a senior dog or believe you’d be better suited for a younger pup, let the shelter know so they can find the best match for you!

The adoption procedure takes time and patience, but it is well worth the effort in the end. Ask yourself and the shelter empowered questions about what you should know before adopting a dog so that you receive exactly what you want out of your new furry friend connection.

Adopting a pet brings much joy to the animal just as it can bring so much joy to you, it is also cost-effective and has a lot of other advantages that you will discover when you take the leap.

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