July 23, 2024

Having a fish tank or an aquarium is very fun and aesthetically pleasing. However, there is a lot of effort and thoughts that go into this. There is a lot of thought that goes into making an aquarium look aesthetically pleasing, and this is where we come in handy. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the accessories that all aquarium owners ought to have.

1. Real aquatic plants


All aquariums, even the smallest, contain plants. Some people prefer fake plants, but the choice is poor. The only exceptions are aquariums with plant-eating fish species or those that generally live in areas without vegetation. An example is aquariums with African cichlids. Real plants are also an essential accessory to keep the amount of nitrite in the aquarium in check.

Aquatic plants make your aquarium look more lively and are also very aesthetically pleasing for the eyes. In my book, it is also great for the fish because it gives them a more lively environment to live and thrive in. Real aquatic plants are also good for the oxygen levels in the water and are also a great addition and accessory to your aquariums.

2. Adequate lighting system

Fish also need light (some species more, some less). The values may vary depending on the type of fish you want to breed in the aquarium, but, in principle, 0.5 to 1 Watt should be enough for each liter of water. Having said that, I can only wish you a good job and above all a lot of fun!

Lighting is key when it comes to owning an aquarium, and this is where a lot of people tend to stress about lighting when it comes to their aquarium. Which lighting you choose for your aquarium will usually depend on your budget, the size of your tank, and the aesthetic you are going for. This is one of the must-have accessories in our book.

3. Filter system


When asked what are the essential elements for the aquarium? The most obvious answers are usually water, fish, and fish food. However, we must not forget that fish need pure water above all. And to get it, you need a proper biological, chemical, physical and mechanical filter system.

The biological filter purifies the water from harmful substances. The chemical/physical product is made of activated carbon. The mechanical filter, instead, purifies the water from leaves or excrement using various sponges.

4. Furnishings

When you buy a home, you also worry about the interior and exterior furnishings of all the spaces. This should also happen when creating an aquarium. To furnish the aquarium, you need items such as gravel, fertile soil, stones, and, why not, hiding places such as amphorae or mini caves.

In our books, this is where you can demarcate yourself for others; how you furnish your aquarium will depend on the aesthetics, you are going for. Some do some research online, go on Pinterest, look into the matter, and take inspiration from there. You can then decorate your aquarium according to that.

5. A thermo-heater


Even the thermo-heater is part of the list of 5 essential accessories for the aquarium. To live well, fish need an environment that is similar, as much as possible, to the natural environment they come from. Remember that the water in the aquarium will be the same temperature as the room in which the aquarium is located.

Just like human beings, fishes too need an adequate temperature to thrive, and they need a thermo-heater in their aquarium, especially if you live somewhere where it gets cold often. Eighteen degrees may be enough for you, but it can mean certain death for some fish. To make sure the heater is working properly, you should also have a thermometer.

Final thought

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