April 24, 2024

Small or big, endearing hairball, jovial but still dynamic, the dog is a real breath of fresh air that takes us out of our routine when he integrates into a home. If the most skeptical will underline the inconvenience of having to take him out or not being able to leave him alone for too long, the dog will repay you, times a thousand, for the love you will give him and the time you will spend pampering him!

Pet owners who have adopted a pet know that giving a living thing a second chance is beautiful! So many people choose to adopt a dog through a shelter or foundation that takes in stray dogs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why adopting a dog is so rewarding and everything you need to know about adopting a dog responsibly.

1. Giving an animal a second chance


It’s the best feeling in the world: an animal that has been in a shelter for years or even at the risk of being put down can finally enjoy a loving, comforting home. “Saving” a dog is simply an amazing feeling. It’s important to realize that a stray dog has already had a hard life and that your home really needs to be the place where it will end its days. Therefore, make sure that your life and family are suitable for this dog and that you will be able to take care of it for the rest of its life.

2. It’s not a beauty contest

There are all kinds of abandoned dogs. Many shelters are full of purebred dogs, while foreign strays are often mixed-breed street dogs. Dogs that are not adopted by new owners are often dogs with a special feature: they are missing a leg, have a crazy ear, are old, have a health problem, or have a limp.

Adopting a dog is not a beauty contest. Choosing a dog with something a little different or a “problem can be extremely rewarding. Also, mixed breeds are often stronger and healthier dogs because they don’t have birth defects. These slightly different and unique dogs deserve a lot of love!

3. You will see the progress of your adopted dog


Many dogs placed in shelters have had a difficult life: they have suffered trauma or had many owners. So getting your dog used to his new life and giving him the stability he needs is not going to be easy. Dogs with problematic behavior need an experienced and patient owner. If you have the time and energy to provide this security for a dog, it can be very rewarding.

A fearful or untrusting dog can slowly regain his confidence with your help. And with the right approach, you can see a poorly socialized dog flourish again. Do you have little or no experience with dogs? Or do you have a busy family life? Then choose a dog with as few behavioral problems as possible. A good shelter will always tell you honestly about the dog’s history and potential behavioral problems.

4. You will never be alone again

When you adopt a dog, you will never be alone. You will have a companion for life! This also means that your adopted dog needs constant attention and care. Many adopted dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which means that your life will change: working full-time or going on vacation will no longer be as easy.

To make things easier for you, it’s important to find solutions beforehand: find one or more dog sitters in your area who can help care for your dog. On our site, you will find sitters who can walk your dog but also stay at your home, for example, so that your dog stays in its own environment and under the supervision of a sitter. With a good sitter, your dog will never be alone.

5. Don’t buy your dog from bad breeders


Of course, you may want to have a purebred dog, and you may have a good reason to choose a specific breed. But unfortunately, many purebred dogs can also have congenital diseases and some “bad breeders” compromise the animals’ welfare. So choosing to adopt a dog can be a responsible choice if done through the right channels.

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