July 23, 2024

You have just acquired a dog, a puppy? In addition to thinking about its food and its treatment, its education is also of capital importance. It will determine if your dog will be obedient and will play well its role as an intelligent pet. To this end, there are many methods available to you to teach your dog the right basics.

What is dog training?


Dog training is essentially about dogs and starts the moment you adopt one. To perfect this education, it is essential to obtain health products, food, and other accessories for dogs. This canine education is actually an initiation to social life in order to teach the dog to be more sociable.

He should be able to get along with other dogs, other animals, and all family members. There are many ways to educate your dog. There are some basic things that the owner can do, but in other cases, the intervention of a professional dog trainer should be considered.

The different methods

It is essential to adopt the right advice and good practices to educate your dog and train it simultaneously. The dog remains a pet in the family and should not be treated like a child. The well-being of the dog is at stake, as well as the balance of its psychological state.

The cooperation method or natural dog training

This method is based on a relationship of mutual trust and positive actions to give the dog confidence in its master. This method is against violence and is suitable for masters who do not wish to use force to make themselves obey. It includes a multitude of techniques, such as:

The recall technique

It consists in repeating the same word or the same order several times so that the dog can associate it with the action to be performed. Here, there are no sanctions, but rewards as soon as the dog succeeds. If the dog does not succeed, the master must repeat the command while guiding the dog or simply ignore the dog.

Clicker training

This is a very simple and fun technique. It consists of using a clicker and associating the sound with an action to be performed. As the dog becomes more familiar with the technique, the sound and the rewards are gradually eliminated.

Mimicry or mirroring

Numerous studies have shown that dogs learn more by gestures than by words. Therefore, this technique consists of the master showing the dog what he wants and rewarding him.

The coercive method or classical training

This is the oldest method used, and it puts forward a relationship of dominant/dominated. Here, sanctions and reprimands are allowed. But more and more, saying no by raising the tone is enough to bring the dog back to order. Hand-holding is avoided as much as possible.

This is done by using leashes, painless dog collars, and a whistle. If the dog pulls on the leash, the owner also pulls on his side, which is very unpleasant. The dog is forced to return to its original position to stop the pain.

Other methods


These are specific methods adapted to particular situations and reserved for professional trainers. There are also specific breeds of dogs that are allowed. We speak here of specific training for:

    • Hunting
    • Defense
    • Rescue

In addition, to fly with your pet, it is essential to find out about the conditions of transport and the necessary formalities. Some airlines only allow pets to travel in the cabin with the owner under certain conditions, and you should take care of your cat in the same way you do for your dog. You should also take care of your cat in the same way as you do of your dog, as they are both very good companions for humans.

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