June 22, 2024
Which Is the Best Pet Shop in Australia?

Australia is one of the countries with the highest adoption rate of pets in the world. According to relevant studies, the pet products market has a transaction volume of around 8 billion Australian dollars. But, since pet products are constantly emerging in the market, the question is: Which place is the best to buy pet supplies in Australia?


PetbarnAs a new pet parent, I’m sure you’d want your puppy or kitten to start off on the right paw so that it can grow into a happy and healthy adult; and in that case, Petbarn is your one-stop pet shop.

At Petbarn, they have everything you’d need to look after your new furry friend. It’s one of the leading pet supply stores and is known for providing a wide variety of pet products –ranging from pet bedding and pet leashes to pet medicines and pet food. The pet store also takes great pride in offering affordable prices and there’s currently a big brand sale on the market where you can benefit from a discount that goes up to 40 %.



  • Petbarn is also available online, where you can easily purchase high-quality pet products at good prices.
  • Special training can be provided to all those who want to help their pet become a happy family member.
  • The pet store operates on a 2-hour delivery and the delivery fee is $9. 95.
  • From grooming to diet, Petbarn has all the essentials you’d need to shape your pet into a strong and confident adult.
  • Free online quizzes are available on the website to help you discover the best food for your pet and help you find the right treatment that would keep fleas, worms and ticks away from your furry friend.
  • It’s a peace of mind when you can look after your pet’s health with assistance from pet insurance and the good news is that Petbarn has recently introduced the Petbarn Pet Insurance.
  • There is also a Greencross team who will provide a comprehensive array of professional veterinary services if needed.

So, whether you are looking for nutritious food or comfortable bedding for your pet, Petbarn is your go-to place.

Customer Reviews:

“I must say that Petbarn went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that my cat receives the best treatment. Honestly, I think I’ve never seen him so happy in my life. I also want to thank the staff member who drove all the way to drop him back him. Thanks guy, you are doing an awesome job. Highly Recommended!” – From Nikki

“The first time I ordered, I received the order very fast and my pooch loved his new leash. I think the products are nice and the prices are really good. It’s a nice place to shop for your pet.” –From Lee

“I bought Aqua One branded items from petbarn, unfortunately they did not work but the person I emailed and spoke to in store were both polite and helpful (albeit a more complicated than necessary return process but overall good). I just wish petbarn as a franchise would carry other products, I understand that Aqua One is the cheapest but it’s for a reason, ive never had one of their products consistently work for more than a couple months and anyone in the fish hobby has had similar experiences. What good are air pumps a quarter of the price of eheims when they only last a month at most? If petbarn is serious as a company about branching out into the fish market as their primary in store products they need to get serious about the brands they buy, they are more expensive but people will buy them, there’s massive demand for products from the likes of Fluval and Eheim in Australia but very few places to get them. It’s just a matter of educating the other consumers who are new to the hobby about these brands.” –From Kim


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