April 24, 2024

Looking for a small dog breed? Small dog breeds have a long life span, are easy to take everywhere, and are often cuddly. That’s why they are so popular! Take a look at our top 8.

1) Chihuahua

What’s the smallest dog breed in the world? The Chihuahua! Did you also know that the Aztecs considered this dog a lucky charm? Weighing between 0.9 and 3.5 kg and with an average height of 17 cm, this cute little dog is a real treat. Although he looks like a living teddy bear, this little dog has a temperament. Therefore, good socialization and education are essential here. This will make them mentally stable dogs.

2) Miniature Spitz

From a distance, a fluff ball; from up close… still a fluff ball! The lively and cheerful Keeshond comes in all sizes, but people especially like the Dwarf Keeshond. This little dog is no bigger than 20 cm and sometimes weighs as little as 2 kg. Moreover, their fluffy coats come in all colors: cream, orange, and even black. Are you wondering about the price of the Pomeranian? Despite their small stature, the price of these adorable dogs ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

3) Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a popular small breed with a strong personality. They average 20 cm in height and weigh about 3 kg. Its silky soft coat is easy to care for.

4) Russian Toy Terrier

Adult Russian Toy Terriers average only 25 cm at the shoulder and weigh about 2.3 kg. This dog is a happy, tolerant house companion and requires little coat maintenance. To be unleashed!

5) Brussels Griffon

The next smallest breed is the Belgian Griffon. This breed stands about 24 cm tall and weighs less than 3 kg. Did you know that the Griffon is born in three different litters? The Brussels Griffon and the Belgian Griffon are short-haired, the former being red and the latter black or black and brown. The Brabander is short-haired, has a black muzzle, and comes in three color variations.

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Information

6) Papillon

A person seeing a Butterfly Dog for the first time might think it is a Chihuahua with hairy ears. But there is a fact that is no less true. A small dog of Belgian-French descent, the Papillon is an excellent companion dog, measuring 28 cm at the withers. The smallest Papillon weighs less than 2.5 kg. The largest can weigh up to 5 kg.

7) Japanese Chin

Speaking of small dogs, the Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel also deserves special mention. On average, this cute dog grows up to 30 cm and 4 kg. In addition to their soft, silky coat and very cute short muzzle, they are intelligent, affectionate, and sensitive.

8) Chinese Hairless Dog

If you are looking for the smallest dog that does not shed, this is the dog for you! However, the Chinese Hairless Dog’s skin needs a lot of care and attention, and its crest needs to be combed regularly. Curious and affectionate, this dog is no more than 30 cm tall and weighs up to 5 kg. If you are looking for an unusual, small four-legged friend, you will definitely like the Chinese Hairless Dog.

Chinese Crested Pictures - American Kennel Club

How To Get a Small Dog?

If you want to get a small dog, you can rely on an ethical and certified breeder. If someone you know has a litter of tiny puppies and wants to give them away, or if you find a cheap puppy online, don’t be tempted. After all, you never know what diseases or health problems those dogs may have. With a certified breeder, you can be sure that the dogs have been bred and raised in an appropriate environment and are disease-free.

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