June 22, 2024
Why Choose a Water Dispenser for Your Cat

Why Choose a Water Dispenser for Your Cat


  – Classic Cat Water Dispenser

  – Cat water dispenser: cat fountain

The cat is an animal that does not drink much, but it is also a demanding animal that sometimes has solid ideas about what is good for him…

To ensure your cat is adequately hydrated, choose a water dispenser. This may be a better option than the classic bowl.

Classic cat water dispenser

Basic model

This is a bowl with a tower-shaped reservoir. It costs about $15.

Note: when the cat drinks, the water level is automatically replenished.

Such a system has several advantages, depending on your situation: 

  – if you have several cats, you won’t need to “refill” several times a day;

  – the water bowl is now far away from the kibble bowl, so your cat doesn’t risk unpleasant mixtures;

  – if you go on vacation, this will prevent you from filling several bowls where impurities will accumulate (it is preferable to ask a relative to come and see how the cat is doing during your absence).

Good to know: if this equipment seduces you, you should know that there are kibble dispensers. Some of them are programmable, which is ideal when you go on vacation.

Bottle or feeder

It’s a bit like the previous system, except that a metal teat replaces the bowl.

Note: the same type of product is available for rodents.

This system avoids stagnant water in the bowl and is affordable: about $5. However, not all cats will appreciate it.

Water dispenser for cats (cat fountain)

Why Choose a Water Dispenser for Your Cat


The cat fountain is an electric device composed of several elements. Your cat will find a bowl and a stream of water (free, on a ramp, on a dome).

The system allows the water to pass continuously through a filter to provide the cat with a drink that is always fresh and free of impurities, filtered, and rich in oxygen.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cat fountain

For about $50, the cat fountain may encourage your pet to drink more. It provides your pet with better-quality water.

Note: You may have noticed that your furry friend enjoys drinking from the tap, sometimes more than from his bowl. The fountain allows him to get that feeling back.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this device:

  – the pump can make noise;

  – it is necessary to maintain the system by changing the filters regularly (about ten dollars for a replacement filter);

  – if you go on vacation and there is a power outage, your cat will not have any water left (be sure to add a regular bowl and ask a relative to come and see the cat).


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Hope this post and the links above will be helpful. We will cover more cat-feeding accessories subjects in our upcoming articles. If you want to read about an animal in particular, kindly let us know in the comments below.

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