April 24, 2024
What Accessories Should I Get for My Cat

What Accessories Should I Get for My Cat?


    – Cat hygiene accessories

    – Cat comfort accessories

    – Leisure accessories


Have you decided to become the proud owner of a cat? Whether a purebred or not, a kitten or an adult, bought or adopted, it will need the necessities to make your house his home. Here is a checklist of the different cat accessories.

Cat hygiene accessories

What Accessories Should I Get for My Cat

Drinking, eating, and being clean are the three pillars of good hygiene for your cat. For this, you must provide your pet with the following:

    – A water bowl: preferably in glass, ceramic or stainless steel (plastic tends to give a sour taste to the water). You can also opt for a water fountain, which is generally very appreciated because the water flows continuously (cats like to drink running water).

    – A food bowl: choose a shallow bowl with a broad base that won’t slip out while he’s eating. It should also be easy to clean.

    – A litter box or toilet house: cats need privacy so that you can use a closed box, and if the small door hinders him from entering and exiting, remove it, you will still avoid the projection of grains of litter outside the box.

    – A brush or a grooming glove is the best prevention against hairball ingestion. Brushing your cat regularly and from a young age helps him get used to this care and makes it a pleasure for you and him.

You can also invest in a small toothbrush and toothpaste specially adapted for cats to establish dental hygiene.

Cat comfort accessories

What Accessories Should I Get for My Cat

At home

Whether an indoor cat or a roaming cat, your little friend will need to be comfortable in your home and on the go.

To rest or take a nap, think about installing one or more soft, easy-to-wash beds (for example, a removable cushion that you can put in the washing machine regularly). You will find various models: cushions, hammocks, cozy niches, or tiny houses. It’s up to you to make your choice!

The installation of one or more scratching posts is fascinating for the territorial comfort of your cat, it will be able to make its marks in all peace, and you will no longer worry about your armchairs or your sofa.

Good to know: if you plan to let your cat come and go as it pleases, installing a cat flap on the front door or at a window will save you from playing doorman from morning to night.

In case of travel

When traveling, you must give priority to your pet’s safety. Opt for a crate or a carrier for all veterinary visits and vehicle trips.

Good to know: you can buy him a harness and a leash, but cats are generally much less comfortable than dogs to walk around like that.

Leisure accessories

What Accessories Should I Get for My Cat

Cats crave daily exercise. They are playful even as adults and love to climb and hide.

Games involving catching a feather on a stick, chasing a small ball, or a mechanical mouse will delight your feline. They also love small stuffed animals.

To play acrobats, climb and hide, choose tunnel games and cat trees. And if you have the opportunity, use your DIY skills and make him an activity porch!

Finally, you can grow catnip, it’s fun, and they love it! There are two kinds of catnip, one a source of well-being (catnip), the other a digestive (young barley shoots).

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