June 22, 2024
How to Feed Your Cat
How to Feed Your Cat


 A cat’s diet cannot be the same throughout its life; from the kitten to the elderly cat, including the pregnant female or the neutered cat, the physiological needs of this animal change. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt its diet for good health.

 Main principles of cat nutrition

 The adult cat has inherited from its ancestors the habit of eating in small quantities several times. Indeed, living in the desert, they had to be satisfied with small prey and little water:

 – The cat, therefore, drinks little and eats if he can:

 ◦ several times during the day;

 ◦ small amounts of food.

 – He is a fan of “self-service”: a bowl left at his disposal and a little water allow him to eat as he wishes.

 – Since he is generally able to regulate his food intake, there is little risk of him overeating and becoming obese.

 General rules for feeding your cat

How to Feed Your Cat

 For the attention of cat owners, here are the 7 main rules of cat feeding that can be identified:

 – small amounts, but often;

 – well-dosed rations;

 – be careful with sudden changes in diet;

 – don’t forget the water;

 – no leftovers from your meals;

 – no sugar;

 – pay attention to the temperature of the food.

 Is the cat demanding?

How to Feed Your Cat

 The cat has the reputation of being a problematic animal. There are 2 main reasons for this attitude:

 – It comes partly from how he eats in small quantities as if he was reluctant.

 – It is almost impossible to make a cat eat something he doesn’t like. He would rather starve himself!

 From a strictly physiological point of view, the cat does not need to have a varied diet. He can eat the same thing all his life without it bothering him. However, to avoid having a too picky cat, which can be painful, it is enough to offer the kitten, as soon as it is weaned, a diversified food, thus getting it used to eat everything.

 The adult cat’s diet

 If they don’t have any particular health problems, adult cats can eat a regular diet, kibble, pâté, or homemade food. Many kibble and cat foods are developed to promote a beautiful coat or better health.

 However, if you need to change your cat’s diet, you should do so very gradually to ensure that the new diet is adopted:

 – Introduce small amounts of the new food into the old food.

 – You should make the change over at least one week to avoid the risk of digestive disorders.

 Tip: Always pay attention to your cat’s diet, as neglecting the bowl, losing weight, or gaining weight may be a sign of a health problem that requires a veterinary consultation.

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Hope this post and the above links will help you with your cat. We will come up with more topics on cats and dogs in future articles. Please let us know in the comments below if you wish to read on something more specific.

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