May 26, 2024
How Much Does Having a Cat Cost

How Much Does Having a Cat Cost?

The price of a cat is linked to whether or not it is purebred. On the other hand, the annual maintenance budget varies little from one cat to another, except for a grooming budget for long-haired cats. 

What is the price of an alley cat?

How Much Does Having a Cat Cost

The selling price of an alley cat (or “house cat” as it is officially known) is up to the seller. In most cases, the alley cat is given against reimbursement of veterinary expenses (identification and vaccines). However, here are two pieces of advice to avoid bad surprises:

    – Avoid pet stores: the smallest alley cat can be sold for $200 to $300.

    – It is better to consult the classified ads (especially those posted in the veterinarian’s office) to find a cheap alley cat.

What is the price of a purebred cat?

How Much Does Having a Cat Cost

The average price of a purebred cat varies:

    – usually between $700 and $1,200;

    – from $1,500 to $2,000 for cats belonging to rare breeds.

The price of a purebred cat depends on several factors. It will be in the high range if:

    – its breed is fashionable;

    – its breed is rare;

    – its breed is difficult to breed;

    – its parents are show cats.

Be careful: a cat that looks like a breed sold at a low price is often an animal without papers or from an unscrupulous breeder; it may have diseases or behavioral problems.

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First year’s accessory budget

When your kitten comes home, you will spend money on several accessories that are essential to the well-being of your new little friend:

    – carrier: about $20 to $50;

    – litter box: about $20 to $100;

    – food bowl: about $10 to $50;

    – basket: $20 to $50 approx;

    – cat tree: about $40 to $100;

    – scratching post: $10-$20 approx;

    – toys: $5-$50 approx;

    – brush: $10-$30 approx;

    – claw clippers: about $5 to $10.

The food budget

Cats are small animals. Therefore, the volume of food they eat is not very important. But they are often “fussy” or develop health problems requiring a high-end diet. We have therefore summarized the average cost of cat food below.

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The average annual cost of feeding a cat

Type of food: WET

Distributor Brand: $130 to $180

High-end supermarket: $450 to $750

High-end pet store: $1 300 approximately

High-end veterinarian: $1 500 approximately

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Type of food: DRY

Private label: $30 to $70

Top-of-the-line supermarket: $40 to $80

High-end pet store: $350 to $400

High-end veterinarian: $250 to $300

House: $150 to $200

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Good to know: be sure to respect the quantities recommended by your veterinarian or manufacturers.

What is your health budget?

A cat’s health budget is virtually invariable. The first year, it amounts to about $400 for:

    – visits to the veterinarian

    – identification;

    – spaying or neutering;

    – vaccinations.

In subsequent years, if all goes well, a cat’s health budget is about $150 for:

    – check-ups;

    – Vaccine booster shots;

    – deworming.

Unfortunately, in an animal’s life, it can get sick, has an accident, or develops cancer… In these cases, the cost of care increases significantly:

    – benign illness: about $100;

    – laboratory analysis: about $100;

    – a simple procedure with hospitalization: about $400;

    – radiation therapy sessions: about $1,500.

Price of a cat: the overall budget

It isn’t easy to accurately estimate the budget for cats. But we can consider that it will be:

    – about $700 to $1,500 in the first year;

    – about $300 to $700 for each subsequent year (routine maintenance).

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