May 26, 2024
6 Easy Steps to Bathe Your Cat
6 Easy Steps to Bathe Your Cat


    – Step 1: Prepare the bath

    – Step 2: Getting your cat used to the w


    – Step 3: Get your cat wet

    – Step 4: Shampoo your cat

    – Step 5: Rinse your cat to finish the bath

    – Step 6: Dry your cat after bathing

    – Find alternatives if your cat can’t stand being bathed

Cats generally don’t enjoy bathing unless they’ve been accustomed to it from an early age. For example, washing a kitten or an adult cat may be necessary if its fur has become soiled with grease. If this is the first time you’ve had to bathe your adult cat, it may not be a pleasant experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to wash him often unless your cat is a show pet.

Tip: If it’s your cat’s first bath, get someone your cat knows well to assist you so she doesn’t have to worry about being around.

Here’s how to bathe your cat.

1. Prepare the bath

    – Place all the accessories you’ll need within easy reach to facilitate the various operations.

    – Close all the exits and reassure your cat that she’s starting to worry.

    – Untangle his fur if he is a long-haired cat, brush him if he is short-haired.

2. Get your cat used to water

6 Easy Steps to Bathe Your Cat

Ideally, it would help if you got your cat used to bathing from a young age:

    – Take a basin and fill it with lukewarm water (35 – 38 °C) to a depth that reaches your pet’s paws.

    – Place the basin in the bathtub or shower tray.

    – Put your cat in the water and reassure him.

    The first few times, if you can get your cat used to being wet without the shampoo.

Good to know: protect your hands with gloves and wear long sleeves… Remember that your cat may be more stressed than you are. In any case, keep calm.

3. Wet your cat

When your cat is calm, use a container to soak its coat with water; avoid getting its ears and eyes wet.

Note: If you place your cat directly in the bathtub, consider using a bath mat to prevent slipping.

4. Shampoo your cat

If these first steps have gone well, you can shampoo your cat:

    – Use only a cat shampoo; ultra-gentle shampoos, even for babies, are not suitable for our pets’ skin.

    – Massage him gently, avoiding the head. Use as little shampoo as possible to ease rinsing.

Tip: For ease of use, place the cat on a towel while shampooing.

5. Rinse your cat to finish the bath

Rinse your cat thoroughly with clean water. The easiest way to do this is to rinse the cat with the showerhead, but he doesn’t always like this, so use the container, making sure that warm water is available.

6. Dry your cat after giving it a bath

6 Easy Steps to Bathe Your Cat

Make sure you have a warm towel ready. Put your cat inside and dry him properly.

If your cat is used to it, you can finalize the drying with a hairdryer. Be careful that it does not get too hot, do not point it at the eyes of the animal, and maintain a certain distance.

After the bath, please give him a good brush and a small treat. Keep the cat out of drafts and indoors.

Find alternatives if your cat can’t take a bath.

You can consider other solutions for cleaning a cat:

    The washcloth is easier to use than the basin, but it doesn’t clean thoroughly.

    – The dry shampoo: is practical to keep the fur clean and silky; it is less effective when it comes to cleaning important dirt.

    – If your cat is really dirty, ask your veterinarian for advice. The veterinarian can, for example, give him a light sedative to facilitate the bath.

Materials needed to bathe your cat




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