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Dogs are one of the best pets to own because they are loyal and loving animals. However, some people have allergic reactions that are caused by shedding. Fortunately, some dogs are known for being hypoallergenic and shed less than others, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Why Do Dogs Cause Allergies?

Allergy can be defined as an exaggerated response of the immune system to certain particles in the environment called allergens. When these foreign substances enter the body, antibodies react aggressively. The result is inflammation, itching, watery eyes, colds, and other reactions characteristic of allergies.

The allergens produced by dogs are usually called lipocalins, not allergens. This means that the direct cause of the allergy is not the hair, but the tiny dander left on the hair.

Which Dog Breeds Do Not Shed Much?

The best option for allergy-prone owners is to choose a dog that does not shed seasonally. This way, they are less exposed to allergens while living with a beautiful and loyal partner. Here are some dog breeds that do not shed much:

1) Bedlington Terrier

This beautiful breed is very well known for its curly hair that looks adorable. The Bedlington Terrier does not shed much despite its fur, making it a good choice for allergy sufferers.

In fact, you need to be very careful with this breed and not let its coat grow too long. For this reason, they need to go to the hairdresser regularly to have their coats cut so that knots do not form.

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2) American Hairless Dog

It is a medium-sized dog with a body height of 40 cm. The lack of body hair makes it one of the best breeds for owners with allergies. Not only that, but their skin color is striking.

3) Peruvian Hairless Dog

The Peruvian Hairless Dog is a special breed part of Peru’s national heritage. This dog is characterized by its almost total absence of hair, making it one of the most hypoallergenic dogs. They are also considered to be loving and protective pets for their owners. For this reason, the Peruvian people hold them in high esteem.

4) Barbados da Terceira

Barbados is a breed with an abundant, voluminous coat that is difficult to shed. They are known for their brilliant and docile nature and are considered the perfect family companion.

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5) Bolognese

This breed is famous for its soft, dense coat. They also do not shed seasonally, making them a good pet for allergy sufferers. However, these dogs tend to have a tough time when left alone. Therefore, if left alone for too long, they may develop behavioral problems.

6) Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a breed characterized by its muscular build and rich coat. It is medium in size, reaching a height of 48 cm. As such, they require constant exercise to release energy. Its coat is quite strong and shedding is minimal, so there is little risk of allergies.

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7) Mexican Hairless Dog

This breed is also famous for its lack of hair on any part of the body, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. It is native to Mexico and has become a national symbol of Mexican culture. Despite its beautiful appearance, the breed’s biggest problem is its baldness. They need a lot of grooming to avoid health problems.

As you can see, there is a wide range of breeds available to meet your needs without branching out too far. However, keep in mind that each has its own characteristics and should be chosen carefully before bringing one home. And, of course, all dogs need love, play, exercise, and attention. If you decide to get a pet, remember that commitment.

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