June 22, 2024
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You like your four-legged companion above all else, but that doesn’t mean keeping him well-groomed is simple! While some dogs enjoy being pampered, others do not, hiding, growling, and giving you sad puppy dog eyes throughout the grooming process. Follow these five suggestions for a well-groomed dog if you’re dealing with matted fur, obstinate knots, and an unhappy dog.

Consistency is key

Consistency in training is essential for preserving your dog’s good behavior, and it’s also crucial for dog grooming. If you only groom your dog on an irregular basis, she’ll be surprised and bewildered every time you pull out the brush, and getting her to sit and remain will be difficult. Brushing your dog regularly and consistently (we recommend cool, calm, and collected!) shows her what to expect, and the dog grooming session is much more likely to go smoothly.

Short bursts

You and your dog will be happier if you work in little bursts rather than trying to untangle all those knots. Have the de-shedding items on hand and brush your dog as soon as possible; even five minutes is better than nothing. If she becomes irritable, don’t push her too hard and allow everyone to take a break. Regular grooming will be more sustainable, and you and your dog will be less frustrated.

Make it positive

You may not be able to persuade your dog to enjoy brushing, but you can make the experience as pleasant as possible. This can be accomplished by showering them with gifts and praising them. The more affection, pats, and liver treats your dog associates grooming with, the more ready she will be to participate in the future.

Allow yourself to be spontaneous.

If you own a dog, you are well aware that they are extremely intelligent creatures. After just a few brushing or bathing sessions, your dog will pick up on your routine dog grooming activities. As soon as the clock strikes eight or you reach for the doggie drawer, he’ll bolt to his favorite hiding area.

When your dog isn’t aware that the groom is approaching, he is more likely to cooperate. Maintain a one-step advantage on him while remaining spontaneous. Move the brush to a different position and bathe him at different times of the day.

Trim Your Dog’s Hair

The majority of dog owners choose to have their dog’s hair clipped at a groomer. In between professional groomings, you can cut excessive hair around your dog’s eyes or paws if you go cautiously. Hair surrounding your dog’s eyes should be trimmed to prevent it from obscuring its eyesight or rubbing against and injuring its eyes.

Always wait until your dog is quiet and, ideally, lying down before approaching him. When scissor blades are close to the flesh, move carefully and deliberately. After you’ve finished, reward your dog for his calmness with a treat.

The hair inside the ears can be trimmed to promote airflow and avoid ear infections. However, this is best left to a professional groomer.

Check The Skin

In dogs, allergic skin illnesses are widespread, causing itching and driving them to scratch, chew, or lick their skin. External parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mites can transmit diseases or other parasites like tapeworm, in addition to making your pet unpleasant.

Make it a practice to inspect your dog’s skin after every grooming session. Begin by running your fingers through your dog’s coat, feeling for any lumps or bumps. You can look into it further by splitting the coat and looking for blisters, redness, rashes, bald areas, and evidence of parasite infections on the skin.

Get the experts involved.

Dog groomers are well-versed in all aspects of the industry. We’ll go over everything from behind their ears to their rapidly growing nails. We know how to persuade your dog to comply, and we have all of the tools and equipment necessary to make your grooming experience as painless and joyful as possible. Let us know in the comments how do you proceed when grooming your dog…

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