May 26, 2024
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Being a pet groomer is a great addition to your services if you have an existing pet business. If you ever think about getting started I would recommend doing so right away, because this is becoming a very demanding job. Do you want us to help you find your way as a pet groomer? We have gathered the best tips to help you get started…

Booming Industry

Pets’ parents want their babies to be cared for, this is why every pet beauty resort is growing in popularity these days. This ranges from the normal cuts to more sophisticated services like pedicures, massages, or even facials.

Learn How to Become a Pet Groomer

Don’t think because you cannot provide all of these to your dog that you are a bad pet owner, your dog merely needs all of these extras. A general cut, regular bath and nail clipping are all that they really need the rest is only extras, but that in mind Americans expend around 5 billion on pet services in 2012 and this amount is increasing every year. This clearly shows that this is a booming industry and if you have a pet business you should clearly start to think about being a luxurious pet groomer as well.

Factors To Consider

To begin with, you should be an animal lover; this is a must, you cannot start a business with animals when you do not have a good rapport with them, this will end in chaos. Conduct some research about pet groomers around you, so that you are able to position yourself in the competition, calculate your prices and see what you can offer more.

When you are starting it may seem difficult for you to place your pricing strategy, but you can still determine it by your competitors and also the potential clients that you may welcome.

It is also important to overlook your finances, and see if you have enough funds to start the business as it is a big investment and you can’t start without enough funds in hand.

Physical Health

This is very physical work, you will have to lift pets and engage in tasks that will require a lot of stamina. You should also take your health as a primary consideration- do a lot of tests before even starting the business to be sure that you do not have any allergies to pets.


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If you already have a pet business, you should see if your establishment has enough space to accommodate a new branch. You should make sure that you have enough space to move around freely and that you are not too tight in a closed space, remember these are pets and they may want to move – keep in mind that you will have products and other equipment so you will need storage space.

Important features that you may want to incorporate in your grooming space are; water-resistant flooring, a safely placed electrical outlet, and proper plumbing – try to make everything efficient so that you save time and space. You should be able to clean after each pet visit also, so make sure that cleaning can be made quickly and by this, you should have a lot of water points- to make access easy.

What You Need For A Great Start

A license is not required to become a pet groomer but you can still get one to appear more legit, many pet groomers start by themselves through apprenticeships. But as I mentioned earlier it is better to have a certification, as you will be more confident in what you are doing. Having a certification will also allow you will prioritize the safety of your four-legged clients and not hurt them as you know exactly what you are doing.

In this training you will understand animal behavior, safety practices, recognized skin disorders, brushing, combing, drying, and also know the appropriate products to use.

While you may care more for dogs, be prepared to have other kinds of pets too. You may deny access to some pets if you do not feel comfortable but most of the time it comprises cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs. Are you ready for your next pet adventure? Let us know in the comments…

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