May 26, 2024
Why Buy a Flea Collar for Your Cat
Why Buy a Flea Collar for Your Cat


    – Flea collar for cats: Characteristics

    – Principle of the flea collar for cats

    – Ticks: what are the risks of diseases for your cat?

    – Flea collar for cats: where to find it and at what price?

To protect your cat from fleas and other parasites, the best solution is to make him wear a flea collar for cats.

Here is a closer look at an essential accessory to preserve your pet’s health: the cat flea collar.

Flea collar for cats: characteristics

The flea collar for cats is an effective anti-parasite device against fleas, lice, and ticks. It may contain:

    – An adulticidal and larvicidal active solution such as dimpylate, imidacloprid, and flumethrin. These active substances have the power to kill cat parasites.

    – Natural extracts of essential oils, plants such as margosa, and geranium essence. These natural products are only intended to keep fleas and ticks away without killing them.

Good to know: if you are not sure which product to use to protect your cat from parasites, ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice.

Principle of the flea collar for cats

The anti-flea collar for cats has the following objectives

    – to diffuse the active substance it contains;

    – to deposit a thin layer of insecticide on the animal’s skin;

    – to keep parasites away, thanks to their repellent properties.

Good to know: flea collars for cats are odorless and resistant to water contact.

The flea collar is a veterinary treatment that works 24 to 48 hours after it is placed around the cat’s neck:

    – Depending on the active substances it contains, its duration of effectiveness differs.

    – Its action is 10 weeks in repulsive treatment and 7 to 8 months in curative treatment.

Good to know: it is not recommended to make a kitten under 2 months old wear a flea collar.

Ticks: what are the risks of diseases for your cat?

Why Buy a Flea Collar for Your Cat

The most dangerous parasites for cats are ticks. They are the cause of diseases that can lead to serious health problems for your pet, most often resulting in

    – Local inflammation.

    – Allergic reactions that can lead to abscesses.

    – The transmission of diseases such as piroplasmosis or Lyme disease.

Good to know: in case of doubt, if your pet presents symptoms that you do not identify, do not hesitate to take your cat to the veterinarian, who will prescribe an effective treatment.

Flea collar for cats: where to find it and at what price?

The anti-flea collar for cats is sold:

    – in pharmacy;

    – in parapharmacy;

    – in pet stores;

    – in garden centers, in the pet shop;

    – on dedicated websites that offer cat accessories.

The prices of a flea collar for cats are

    – between $4 and $8 for a repellent collar;

    – between $8 and $20 for a collar with active chemical substances.

Good to know: the flea collar for cats is easily adjustable to the size of the animal’s neck. If the collar is too long, cut the excess length.

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