June 22, 2024
Best Online Pet Shops in the UK

Want to find the best place to buy pet supplies and spoil your babies? Want to find an online pet store where you can shop for anything for your pet?

Here we have collected one of the best pet supplies shopping websites in the UK, where you can spend money for your pet wisely and reasonably!


PetShop.co.ukIn 2010, a £5,000 Prince’s Trust loan gave Adam and his wife, Lexi the financial support they needed to establish a pet shop. It all started when Adam lost his job during the recession and had to move back home. Then, after witnessing his mother –who was suffering from arthritis – struggling to constantly run out to a pet shop, buy the pet food and carry it back home, he had what you’d call the “eureka moment.” And, so one of UK’s best online pet stores was born!

Initially, the business was operated by Adam himself; after taking orders face-to-face, he hand-delivered all the items to the customers’ houses using his Vespa scooter. However, after all those struggles, today PetShop.co.uk is known as an eco-friendly company that is committed to providing the best pet products and offering outstanding customer service.

The company is said to stock over 10, 000 pet products and sells only the major brands of pet food and supplies. In addition, the company takes pride in its team of professionals who offer a fast and efficient service.


  • Whether it’s for your dog or your cat, PetShop.co.uk has a wide range of pet food and supplies.
  • The company is quite known for its disagreement with the outrageously expensive prices set by supermarkets and other pet retailers, which is why it always offers pet products at affordable prices.
  • The company’s aim is to help pet owners save time in buying pet food and supplies which is why their website is very easy to use.
  • PetShop.co.uk understands the close relationship that most pet owners have with their beloved companions and this is why they always try their best to provide the best customer service.

Customer Reviews:

“Absolutely no problems with my order, but need to change courier as express delivery was cancelled by the courier as they decided that they couldn’t deliver my package in the end the afternoon it was arriving? Very frustrating when you have received 2 notifications of eta then an email to cancel the delivery 1 hour of time slot!!” –From Eloise

“Still awaiting my order after nearly 1 month. The company sent me someone else’s order, including all of their personal information. When I emailed them to query this and ask for our order to be sent it took nearly a week to get a response and over a week for our order to come through. When our order came through there was still items missing which I am still waiting for! Any request for compensation/refunds have also been ignored so I am still out of pocket without my items.” – From Clare

“Have been using Bottomless Bowl for several months now and find it very helpful, to have the cat food delivered to the door. It is always well packaged and arrives on time. It is very easy to ‘push back’ delivery to a more convenient date if necessary. There has recently been a problem with the supplier and the food did not arrive when expected, a quick email, was sent and the problem was resolved.” – From Ann

“ I have used Petshop for my dog food for a few months now. The price of the food has stayed lower than other companies and they offer bottomless bowl subscription service. They also stock my ferrets food, which is a less well known brand. My orders have always gone smoothly, and arrived quickly. This time I made a mistake when I was went to get the food delivered early. I accidentally did it twice in my panic. Thankfully when I called up to explain my error, the phone was answered quickly and the lady who answered was very reassuring, sorting the problem straight away and explaining the refund process. It all went through smoothly and I received the food i needed in under 48 hours.” –From Roberta







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