April 24, 2024

Small or big, endearing hairball, jovial but still dynamic, the dog is a real breath of fresh air that takes us out of our routine when he integrates into a home. If the most skeptical will underline the inconvenience of having to take him out or not being able to leave him alone for too long, the dog will repay you, times a thousand, for the love you will give him and the time you will spend pampering him!

Do some people still need to be convinced that adopting a dog is a good thing, both for him and them? In theory, you do! Then find 5 reasons, almost obvious, that adopting a dog is a good thing!

1. The dog is a source of comfort


When you are feeling lonely, and your morale is low, the arrival of a dog can give you a new lease on life and get you out of your daily routine. Most of the time, this companion likes to be cuddled, pampered, share activities with his master, and even sometimes become a little potty. And that’s what we love about this companion: a dose of pure love, a being full of dynamism that we will have to learn to tame, for complicity that will last a few years and that we can’t do without!

It has even been scientifically proven that the presence of a dog increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in its owner. These hormones are particularly low when you suffer from depression. The dog would therefore be an antidepressant, soothing and comforting, all by itself! A little bonus: the dog is a permanent presence in the house which, if it is a guard dog, can be very useful to prevent intrusions! His barking at the unknown will be enough to scare away any stranger or even alert the neighborhood.

2. A good reason to go out

If your weekend rhymes with Netflix & chill, and nibbling on the couch, it’s time to change your lifestyle. As a good homebody as you are, adopting a dog will allow you, and force you a little, to get out of your house to break this monotonous routine. The daily walks that your new companion will need will be an opportunity to get some fresh air, take a vitamin D cure that you certainly lack, and reconnect with the outside world!

Whether you are a single person or a family with children, short walks in the forest or in the park near your home will be the perfect outing to keep you and your dog busy and happy. Little bonus: taking your pet out is an opportunity to meet other dog lovers and, why not, to make friends or even to meet someone… Singles, no need to spend your evenings on Tinder when a dog is enough!

3. The dog is good for your health


Taking a dog out on a regular basis allows you to walk much more than you would normally do, which is a great way to exercise and prevent cardiovascular problems. This can also be an opportunity to get back into sports (jogging, hiking, etc.) if you adopt an athletic dog that needs to let off steam, such as a border collie or German shepherd. With a dog by your side, you are taking care of your heart in every sense of the word!

Adopting a dog has other health benefits as well since its presence in your home can reduce the risk of allergies, both in your home and in children. In addition, dogs carry bacteria on their fur that would have the advantage of boosting our immune system. If some people think that dogs are dirty and that they can be vectors of diseases, their presence would be, on the contrary, beneficial for our general health.

4. Adopting = saving a dog

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you not only get pleasure, but you also do a good deed. The animals that are in a shelter have often had a chaotic journey and have experienced difficult living conditions. Some have wandered for several years before being taken in, others have been mistreated by their former owners, and all are waiting for one thing: to be adopted by a loving and caring family.

And that’s where you come in! Adopting a dog in a shelter will change your companion’s life, even save it. Indeed, animal shelters are not extensible and cannot receive all stray dogs. As a result, thousands of abandoned animals that have not found another home are euthanized every year due to a lack of space.

When you adopt from a shelter, you are saving two lives: your pet’s life and the life of another homeless dog, who will now find an empty space in the shelter. Think about this when the time comes to adopt a dog, and you may prefer to go to a shelter rather than a kennel or pet store. This will be your first act of love for your new pet.

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