June 22, 2024
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Why Buy a Hammock for Your Cat?


The hammock is a suspended bed that envelops the body and avoids tension. It protects from contact with humidity, temperature, and dirt from the ground. Some cats love it, while others never go near it…

If your cat is a hammock fan, how to make a good investment and which model to choose? We tell you everything in this post.

Why buy a hammock for your cat?

Whatever the reasons their owners have for wanting to buy them a hammock, our cats have their own ideas about its uses…

Hammock for sleeping 

Cats sleep rolled up on themselves, and when they relax and feel safe, they sleep in the most varied positions and the most unlikely places.

The shape of the hammock has little importance in the cat’s preferences for rest. It will influence its activities more.

Attention: stability and solidity are two essential elements for sleep. No cat will find rest on unstable and potentially dangerous support. Beds that sway in height should be avoided.

Hammock to stay awake

Solid, stable, and judiciously placed near a window, the hammock fixed on a cat tree, a window, or a fence, is an excellent observation post for active cats who like to take the height.

Our tireless watchers can relax while keeping an eye on the outside world.

When a hammock is not recommended

The hammock is a bed to avoid if your cat:

– Suffers from pathologies causing joint pain, reduced mobility, and neurological disorders. Older cats prefer to sleep in easily accessible, comfortable, private, and covered baskets.

– Is shy and ill. The cat is a predator but also a prey. Their survival instinct dictates an innate behavioral pattern: hiding their frailties and weaknesses. Cats need covered, dark, and inaccessible baskets when they feel uncomfortable.

Tip: It would help purchase a cat house in these cases.

Cat hammock: selection criteria

There are several criteria to take into account:

– The living conditions of your cat. Does it live exclusively indoors, or does it have access to a garden?

– The size and weight of your pet.

Tip: Whichever model you choose, always read the assembly instructions and technical description carefully.

Models of hammocks for indoor cats 

cat hammock

The indoor cat often lacks stimulation and exercise, which may result in your pet’s restless and noisy nighttime behavior. The window is the opening to the world of the indoor cat.

The hammock models presented below will allow him to enjoy a place that will stimulate him to improve his well-being.

Relax platform

A round hammock made of soft fabric, mounted on a metal ring, is presented as a pocket that can be screwed to the top of a rope post or, better yet, between 2 posts of a cat tree. It is an accessory to the cat tree. Price: $11 to $15.


– the hammock serves as an observation and exercise post;

– it serves as a retreat when the cat’s territory is invaded, and he wants to escape from an unpleasant treatment;

– when the cat wakes up, it will be able to stretch out on the trunk support and do its claws on it rather than on the couch’s armrests!

Note: this accessory will not fit on a post with a diameter of less than 7 cm and will not be stable enough on a structure that is too simple (square base with a central post of less than 70 cm).

Window seat

This rectangular hammock is fixed with a suction cup system on the window. Be careful with the maximum weight allowed depending on the animal’s weight. Price: from $16 to $33.


– This hammock is ideal for sunbathing.

– It is an observation post from which your cat can scan his neighborhood and the bird feeders and wait for his owners’ return,…

– If your cat is an indoor animal only at night, he will be able to continue to control his territory and will not squat in your bed all night. But you must not lower the shutters!

Chair hammock

This is a rectangle of rigid fabric attached to the legs of a coffee table, an armchair, or a chair. It is of little interest to an indoor cat, and it remains to be seen how you will convince him not to choose the chair, especially in your absence… Price: $5 to $22.


– It is space-saving and enriches the environment with a new bed.

– It’s easy to clean: unhook it and put it in the machine.

– It is the preferred option for cats that must be temporarily confined in a cage for recovery or during a cat show. It’s a comfortable temporary bed that’s isolated from the litter box.

Radiator hammock

It has a rectangular structure and looks like a dryer with a fleece cover. Because of its structure, it is only sometimes very stable, and you need to check that you will be able to attach it to your radiators. Price: $12 to $40.


– This hammock can be attached to the rigid wire mesh used to protect a window or balcony, allowing your cat to breathe fresh air. The cat mustn’t live in an environment polluted by cigarette smoke and room fragrances.

– Everyone knows that cats love warmth, a source of relaxation.

Disadvantage: it is not recommended for overweight indoor cats to use the hammock radiator because continuous exposure to heat sources in winter promotes weight gain and obesity.

Outdoor cat hammocks 

The hammock radiator is made for him. After a night full of adventures, your cat is back and looking for warmth and tranquility.

This hammock is rectangular and looks like a dryer with a fleece cover. Because of its structure, it is only sometimes very stable, and you must check that you can fix it on your radiators. Price: from $12 to $40.

Hammocks for street cat protection associations

Sleeping up high helps control fleas, as their eggs and larvae live and develop on the floor or in the nooks and crannies of furniture.

Hammocks can provide an economical and healthy solution for housing street cats under the same roof. For a change, instead of leaving the floor to litter boxes and feeding tables, hammocks offer rest, warmth or coolness, and protection, depending on their location.

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