June 22, 2024
Best Online Pet Stores for Spoiling Your Pet

If you’re looking for pet supplies, there are many good online pet stores. But, if you are looking for a reliable and professional online pet shop, here’s where you should shop at.


PetSmartFounded by Jim and Janice Dougherty, the company opened its first two pet stores in Arizona under the name PetFood Warehouse. The company was established with the aim of providing a broad range of pet food and pet products at affordable prices. In 1988, the company went on to open five more stores in Colorado, Texas and Arizona and started working with local animal welfare organizations so that they could hold fundraising and pet adoption events.

Today, PetSmart is known as the largest and leading specialty pet retailer in US, Puerto Rico and Canada. It takes pride in offering high-quality pet food and other pet products as well as pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding and pet adoption services. However, its popularity soared thanks to its e-commerce website.

As one of the best online pet shops, PetSmart offers an extensive range of competitively priced pet products, and comprehensive pet services and their caregivers are professionals at providing personalized pet care. Customers particularly appreciate their “same-day delivery” service. The store also takes great pride in the care and health of animals and caregivers do everything in their power to make sure that the animals are healthy.

Compared to other pet shops, PetSmart works with local animal shelters to help provide for the adoption of cats and dogs. They do not breed animals or buy from breeders; instead, they only provide rescues and homeless pets only. If you want to learn more about their adoption process, click here!

People’s Reviews:

“I got a new puppy just recently and I was a little nervous about taking her to be groomed. I called this morning and one of the caregivers was able to squeeze Nayla in the same day. Just by the caregiver’s attentiveness to Nayla, I knew she would be just fine. All the employees were so very kind and the person who take care of my puppy did such an excellent job. Nayla looked beautiful! I will definitely be a returning customer.” – From Cindy

“I took my toy poodle to Pet Smart in Clarksville, TN to be groomed. Josee did a beautiful job. Sweetie hadn’t been professionally groomed in a long time due to health issues in the family. I am very happy with the the folks at Pet Smart and highly recommend Josee.” – From Janice

“The animals are in such poor conditions, not to mention the false information being shared about the animals and there requirements, be truthful about what they need to thrive.(Also just a side note if any pet store/breeder doesn’t sell you an animal, you need to do more research most likely.)” – From Casidy

“I am a firm believer that some people should not work in customer service if they don’t care for people. The guy who helped me was friendly but you could tell that the girl at the register would rather not be. She was unfriendly and gave off the vibe that she was bothered. Another employee was standing near by. As a male customer started to walk toward that employee standing close, she told him “here that man comes to ask 25 more questions, you better run”. Her tone when she said it was flat out rude!! I frequent this Petsmart a lot because it is so close to my house but if I can get the products I need for my dog elsewhere, I will.” – From Amy

“Petsmart took my money for an online order, that was out of stock. Then they tell me it’s going to be 3-5 days to refund my account. Just avoid the headache of this garbage store and shop at a locally owned store. I will ABSOLUTELY NEVER shop a Petsmart again.” –From Bryan






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