June 22, 2024
How to Choose a Cat Bed
How to Choose a Cat Bed


– Different accessories for your cat

– Outdoor cat bed

– Indoor cat bed

– Cat beds: keep your home looking good

The owner who likes to rest with his cat has no choice but to share his bed, sofa, or deckchair.

However, everyone may want to be alone, and the cat, a heavy sleeper, has more specific needs in terms of bedding depending on its age and lifestyle. We take stock of the situation.

Different accessories for your cat

Currently, there are various bedding products on the market to meet the various lifestyles of cats:

– The bed is mounted on legs with a box spring and a mattress.

– The cushion is a stuffed cover of various shapes.

– The carpet is a rectangular surface made of materials with specific qualities that fulfill a precise function (heating, insulating, cooling, orthopedic).

– The maisonnette or dome is a covered basket with a small entrance.

– The hammock is a fabric stretched and suspended, insulating from the ground.

Outdoor cat bed

If your cat spends most of its time outdoors, it will need a sleeping shelter that protects it from wind, rain, cold, and humidity.

The best choice is a shelter that:

– does not rest on the ground, so it has legs;

– has a narrow entrance opening that is separate from the sleeping area (i.e., off-center) and, if possible, protected by a plastic visor or cat flap;

– is insulated against extreme temperatures;

– is enhanced by an easy-care mattress.

You will find mattresses for the cat’s bed in all pet shops, but those presented below are particularly adapted to the outside; they are sold in specialized catalogs for breeders or veterinarians:

– Heated mattress: square or rectangular, made of PVC, ultra-resistant to scratches and bites, waterproof, and equipped with a cover of natural or synthetic sheep. 

– Orthopedic: made of “memory foam,” a technology that keeps the body warm and relieves pressure on the joints (about $60). Price range from $22 to $90.

– Comfort and convalescence mesh mat: made of 3D mesh, this material is memory foam, antibacterial, odorless, rot-proof, and insulating. Another advantage, it does not retain hair and is machine washable. Thanks to its ventilated structure, which allows the passage of air and the flow of liquids, the cat remains dry. It is used in veterinary clinics for the recovery of convalescent animals. It is the recommended type of bed if you have incontinent cats: you rinse it and let it dry in the sun. Price: $58, depending on the size.

– Thermoregulator mat: soft bedding, the fur of this mat is exceptionally dense (1,500 grams/m²) and very calorific. 100% polyester is rot-proof, anti-allergic, machine washable, and quick drying. To find them in the trade, search for the keywords “vetbed”, “drybed,” or “soft bed”. The price range is between $12 and $27).

– Cooling mat: This PVC mat with a cooling gel causes an exchange of calories under the body’s pressure that reduces body temperature by 3 to 4 degrees. It is ideal for the summer. You can find cooling mats starting at $28.

These bed mats are especially suitable for cats that are not clean due to age or physical conditions. They are all very comfortable and easy to care for.

Indoor cat bed

How to Choose a Cat Bed

By definition, a bed insulates from the ground because it is supported by feet. The supporting structure can be PVC, rattan, bamboo, wood, or cardboard.

The mattresses are more than cushions of varying quality; they can be replaced by the more specific mattresses mentioned above. The bed is less popular with owners because:

– it takes up more space (just like the rigid baskets);

– it has to be moved during the cleaning;

– it is less economical than the cushion alone.

Note: expect to pay about $25 to $50 for a traditional cushion bed.

Owners are more likely to turn to fabric cushions, plaids, or domes for their home because their price is also more affordable, especially when you have several cats, as it is essential to have at least one bed or cushion per cat.

However, the latter has the disadvantage of not being easy to maintain because they are stuffed, have many seams and folds (favorable to the development of fleas), and are not removable. Often the passage in the machine distorts them.

The manufacturers make a yearly collection, trying to keep in mind the furniture and interior design trends of our homes. Therefore, you will find cushions of all shapes, most of them made of synthetic material. Prices range from $12 to $50.

Cat beds: keep your home looking good

As long as you have the money, you will find in the “luxury accessories” sections beds of all styles, from the classic to the most design:

– Do some research around the keywords “sofa”, “sofa”, and “luxury bed”. 

– You can customize covers to match your furnishing fabrics for more characteristic mattresses.

– Without a promotion, expect to pay more than $100, the average being $250, but prices can reach $500! The e-merchant sites, English and American in particular, compete in imagination. 

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