June 22, 2024
Biblical Names: The Best Puppy Names Inspired by the Bible (Part 2)

Today, most of us have a pet. And, to be honest, keeping a pet is maybe one of the most satisfying and rewarding things one can do.

After a tiring day at work, there’s nothing better than returning home to that furry companion who welcomes you, licks you, rests with you as you watch TV and most importantly, does not talk during the best part of the movie. Nothing can compare with the lovely bird that chills on your shoulder while you walk around the house. Or, that adorable cat that’s always purring when you stroke behind its ears and when it greets you at the door with its tail twitching. And, we cannot forget how mentally stimulating it can be to watch fish in their aquatic tanks.

Companionship is not the only reason why we rely on pets. Most of us have close relationships with dogs, for example, because they are very loyal, kind, affectionate and loving. Their love is unconditional. They will not talk behind your back and they won’t pretend to be your friend. They will be just there for you and will ask nothing in return. I guess, this is why people prefer a dog’s company to a human.

As a Christian, I tend to imagine and treat my pooch as a gift of God. Like I said in the previous article, dogs, like us, are creatures made by God and are valued by Him. I like to think of God’s love commandment in our relations with animals. I believe that God’s love is all-inclusive and recognize that dogs also can participate in God’s abundant grace.

So, if you are going to have a new furry friend, I recommend choosing a name from the Bible.


Abraham Known as “The Father of Many Nations” in Christianity, Abraham is also venerated in other religions like Judaism and Islam. Asking him to offer Isaac, his son, as a sacrifice, God tested his faith and it was through that very faith that he earned the promise of God. And, it was through that promise that kingdoms and nations were built.

Abraham’s obedience was another reason why God was particularly pleased with him. He always did as God instructed him to do and never went against Jehovah’s command.

If your pooch is a love sponge – I return for a belly rub or a hug, your wish is his command – this name would be perfect for him.


CainThis name reminds us of when wickedness and crime first came into the world.

As per Biblical scriptures, Cain, a farmer and the oldest son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother in a fit of jealousy. Eventually, he was punished by God and was cursed to a life of wandering.

This is the kind of name you’ll hesitate to give your dog.

But, if you quite are the open-minded type and have a dog who’s always snapping at you during training or pulling up on his chain, this name might suit him. It’ll be just a funny name for a dog whose goofiness always gets him in trouble.


DeborahDeborah, the wife of Lappidoth, was not just a Biblical figure but she was a heroine in the Old Testament. She led the Israelites to a mighty victory over the oppressors of Canaan. She was not only a charismatic military leader, but also an inspirational judicial figure as she was the only female judge mentioned in the Bible.

As a prophet, Deborah even used to spread the word of God and became a trusted servant of Jehovah.

Things like love, understanding, faithfulness and acceptance are rare to receive in relationships with humans, but if you are receiving them from your dog, then this name would suit her perfectly.









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