June 13, 2024


All dog lovers enjoy going with their pets on adventures. In fact, often, we would like to be able to take them everywhere, not only on vacation. For this reason, we have prepared this guide with the best plans with dogs that you can do at any time of the year.

You certainly didn’t realize the great multitude of options that exist to enjoy the company of your furry friend. With this list of suggestions, you can spend your free time with your pet. There will be no excuse to leave him at home on the weekend!

You’ll be surprised to discover all the possibilities your city has to offer. Plus, over the years, more and more establishments have declared themselves dog-friendly and welcome our four-legged friends with open houses.

Depending on where you live, you’ll have a wider or narrower range of options. Maybe you live in the center of the city, in the countryside, on the coast… In addition, the time of year will also influence your choice of program.

However, we wanted to prepare this guide so that everyone has access to most of the plans we recommend below. Ready to switch your boring everyday walk for a different plan with your best friend? Read on!

Have Breakfast with Your Pet

Start the day off right by grabbing breakfast at a coffee shop. Many establishments already allow our dog in and will treat him like any other customer. They may even reward you with a treat for good behavior.

This is one of the plans with dogs that we can all easily incorporate into our weekend routine.

Wander the Streets of New Cities

Dare to discover new places with your pet. Like you, it’s also satisfying for him to walk down different streets, see new things and have a change of scenery.

Visit New Parks

Skip the daily route and park; change your itinerary and visit other parks you have nearby so that neither you nor your dog gets bored with the same thing.

Also, don’t just walk around or sit on a bench while he plays by himself. Play with him! Hide so he’ll look for you, scatter treats around the park so he can find them with his nose… You can surely think of many different games to have a good time with your dog.

Agility Courses

In your city or nearby, there are surely different fenced dog parks where you can let your pet run free and interact with other dogs and people off-leash and safely. These plans with your dog cannot be missed. These are the ideal places to have a good run and play endlessly. In addition, you can also find one with agility obstacles in which you can test your dog and teach him something new.

Playing Sports

Playing sports several times a week is important to keep us healthy and fit. Do you usually go for a walk or a run? Why not try it with your dog? Online, you can find belts and leashes so you can run with your dog while keeping your hands free.

Hiking Trails through Natural Environments

There are hundreds of different trails near us, so why limit yourself to doing the same one over and over? Like you, your dog is already more than familiar with the area and seeing the same trails every day and encountering the same scents doesn’t provide much stimulation. Changing the route and the environment will allow both of you to have twice the fun.

If you’re planning a long trip, don’t forget to take a light collar with you in case it gets dark. Visibility is essential for his safety and so that you never lose sight of him, even if he wanders off.

And if you go by car, remember to travel responsibly with the seat belt for dogs, designed to be tied to its harness. With it you can ride comfortably and safely in the back seat. Do you have any other fun things you usually do with your dog? Share them in the comments below!

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