July 23, 2024
Can Your Cat Cohabitate With Others

Can Your Cat Cohabitate With Others

A cat’s cohabitation with children, dogs, and other animals will be easier if the kitten’s education has been well done. Just as with littering, aggression, and destructiveness, kitten socialization is essential.

The cohabitation of the cat with children

Kittens always enjoy having playmates, and children are excellent partners. Hide-and-seek games, chases, games with corks, everything is good to have fun! But for things to go as smoothly as possible, it is important that:

    – As soon as the kitten arrives at home, you must teach your children how to behave with it and to respect it. No question of pulling its whiskers, hair, or tail, of constantly asking it for help, or of taking it in the arms untimely.

    – You will avoid the clawing that your cat, despite its great patience, will not fail to give in front of constant teasing to show its discontent.

The cohabitation of the cat with other cats

Can Your Cat Cohabitate With Others

Throughout its existence, a cat’s solitary life can lead it to become misanthropic. The arrival of a fellow cat disrupts his daily life, and he does not always welcome it very well. But in general:

    – Adult cats have an instinct not to attack younger cats. A kitten is, therefore, not likely to be attacked by an adult cat.

    – Although the matter can be much more complicated if you take in an adult cat, there can be attractions between two individuals. Patience is often all that is needed.

Cat and dog cohabitation

Can Your Cat Cohabitate With Others

Cohabitation should go well if the introductions between dog and cat are done properly. To do this:

    – Let the animals sniff each other, then separate them at the first signs of tension.

    – It’s best to keep them in separate rooms at first while renewing contact regularly.

    – You should continue to pay attention to your dog despite the newcomer’s presence and not do anything that might make him jealous of the cat. There is a good chance that he will accept him without any problem and even consider him as “his” cat or even defend him against his fellow cats.

Attention: special attention must be paid to certain breeds of dogs (often terriers or greyhounds) that have a strong hunting instinct and for which cats are and will always remain potential prey; be very careful and never leave the cat in the same room until you are absolutely sure that it is safe.

The cohabitation of the cat with other animals

Cohabiting a cat with fish, small rodents, or birds is rather risky. It requires caution and constant supervision of the cat during the early stages.


The smallest rodents should be avoided because the cat assimilates them to prey:

    – hamster;

    – gerbil;

    – octodon, etc.

Therefore, prefer larger rodent species:

    – ferret;

    – guinea pigs

    – dwarf rabbit, etc.


You can consider having birds in a cage, but you must beware of your cat’s reactions. It is necessary to install the cage or aviary:

    – in a separate room;

    – always at a high level.

Depending on its attitude, your cat will gradually be able to come close to it under your supervision.

The fish

The movement of fish in the aquarium attracts the cat. They are prey that he will try to catch by pawing at the glass:

    – These repeated assaults stress the fish, which can lead to disease development. Therefore, preventing your cat from hunting through the glass would be best.

    – Despite your best efforts, if your cat is looking for an opportunity to do this again, you should not allow it to enter the room where the aquarium is.

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