April 24, 2024

Do you own a turtle? Want to know more on how to properly care for it and how to clean its habitat? You’ve reached the right place! Today, we are going to discuss partial water maintenance of the turtle tank or aqua terrarium. And then, give you additional tips on how to care for your pets if you ever go on holidays. Enjoy the reading.

First, a brief note about your aqua terrarium:

  • If it is less than 50 liters, you will need to change half of the partial water twice a week.
  • If it is larger than 50 liters, you can perform the partial water change once a week.

But what is indifferent to the capacity of the tank is that once a month you will have to make a complete change of the water. This being clear, let’s continue with the utensils that you will need in this important task for your turtle friends.

Equipment for maintaining your aqua terrarium:

  • Sponge and scraper
  • Siphon or pool cleaner
  • Precision brushes and tweezers
  • Water with specific conditioner

Do you have all of this? Well, roll up your sleeves, here we go, with everything prepared and well organized, in no time you will be ready.

Follow these steps to partially clean the turtle tank quickly and efficiently:

  1. Turn off electrical appliances (heaters, filters, lights…).
  2. Water prepared at the ideal temperature and conditioned.
  3. Remove the decoration being careful not to splash it, leave a towel on the floor.
  4. With the scraper sponge, clean the inner crystals and let the dirt fall inside, as it will be cleaned later.
  5. Use the siphon to absorb the waste and dirt deposited on the bottom, this part is very important, because the food remains can alter the condition of the water and be very harmful to the inhabitants of the aqua terrarium. It is therefore recommended to clean the bottom twice a week.
  6. Check the filter loads, the mechanical and biological loads should be checked and cleaned with water taken from the turtle tank. Check the condition of the filter system once a week.
  7. Remove the turtles and examine them. Head, legs and shell. Treat them in a relaxed and calm manner, so that they see this as something that is routine.
  8. Reposition the decoration, artificial elements are faster to clean and easier to maintain. Remember, the ideal is to place the decoration so that the turtle has access to a water-free area.
  9. Gradually refill with the new water that has already been treated and conditioned. Always leave a dry area so the turtles have a place to rest and dry off. This is very important!
  10. Cleaning the crystals on the outside with apple cider vinegar is enough to leave them very clean.

Additional Tips

Going on vacation? You’d like to leave with peace of mind knowing that your turtle friends are okay while you’re away, right? Don’t worry, here’s a series of additional tips for you to enjoy and rest without worry. Take note!

If you are away for up to 4 days:

  1. Get an automatic feeder: This is the best option and will simplify the maintenance of the turtle tank and not worry about feeding. If you don’t have one at the moment, it’s best to plan ahead and feed your turtles seven days before with a complete feed, this will help ensure that nothing happens to them on those days.
  2. Do a partial water change in the turtle tank before you leave.
  3. In addition, you should check the electrical equipment:
  • The filtration system should be clean and have good flow.
  • Check that the heater is submerged and in good condition.
  • The lighting system should be programmed with a minimum of 8 hours of light.

If you are going on vacation for up to 15 days:

With a period longer than four days, it will be essential to ask for help to control our pets. Also:

  1. Program the automatic feeder (as it will be mandatory to have this device if you want to extend your absence) a few days before leaving on vacation, to check the amount of food your turtles need. It is important that there is no residue, as this would be a problem and the water quality would be affected. Always check the time of the automated actions to make sure everything is working perfectly.
  2. It is important that the food and light are synchronized. Turtles are more active during the day and will be able to see the food. Prevent food from falling out completely when there is no light.
  3. Remember to do a partial water change and check the filter.
  4. Coordinate and plan the tasks of those who will help you keep your turtles. Most importantly, have conditioned water ready in case you need to make a change. Also, have them check the operation of all equipment, and note the vet’s number.

There you go! You now know how to properly clean your turtle’s tank and what to do if you are leaving him behind when going for holidays. Do you have any other pet? Leave a comment below to share with us on how you care for it.


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