April 24, 2024

The Khao Manee is a beautiful and special cat breed and if you want to know about it, you’ve reached the right place. In today’s article, we will uncover more about it. Enjoy the discovery!

Khao Manee’s Origine

It is an ancient cat breed originating from Thailand. In fact, the Tamra Maew, an illustrated manuscript that compiles information about the different breeds of cats since the 14th century, refers to the Khao Manee cat.

The meaning of its name is “white stone” and it was supposed to bring good luck. For this reason, it was a very popular cat among the Thai royalty and the rest of its inhabitants.

It was not until 1999 that the Khao Manee breed left Thailand and moved to the United States. Today, it remains a rare cat breed in the West.

Types of Khao Manee cats

The characteristics of its coat and color are almost uniform in all specimens of this cat breed: its hair is short and white. In fact, no other color is accepted for the standard of this cat breed.

The curious thing is that the Khao Manee cat may have heterochromia, which means that it has a different eye color, which attracts even more attention.

The Khao Manee Cub

The baby Khao Manee is characterized by being active, sociable and affectionate. This cat breed loves to spend time with its owner, with whom it establishes a strong bond.

Baby Khao Manee

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a communicative cat that is distinguished by its meows and purrs with which it asks for attention.

Finally, another characteristic trait of the baby Khao Manee is that it is very playful. In addition, it generally gets along well with children and other pets.

Character and Behavior of the Khao Manee

If this breed of cat stands out for anything, it is for its intelligence, which it demonstrates by satisfying the curiosity that everything around it arouses.

In this regard, it should be added that the Khao Manee cat needs to stay stimulated, so a daily exercise routine is essential.

Nevertheless, it is also important to train it properly, in order to avoid behaviors such as separation anxiety or escaping when it perceives a stimulus that interests it.

How to Feed a Khao Manee According to Its Age?

As with other cat breeds, the nutritional needs of the Khao Manee breed are different depending on whether it is a puppy, an adult or a senior.

Feeding by Stage

The most recommended food for the baby Khao Manee is a food specifically formulated for kittens, which contains the main nutrients that are guaranteed to help it grow and develop optimally.

As an adult, the Khao Manee cat must follow a balanced diet to maintain its ideal weight. To do so, it is also important to properly dose its daily rations.

Finally, the senior Khao Manee cat’s diet must be based on kibble or wet food with calorie levels adapted to its energy and the amount of physical activity it has.

Health of the Khao Manee Cat

Although this cat breed is generally healthy, it can be susceptible to a number of ailments.

Typical Health Conditions of This Breed

Some experts point out that there is some relationship between the white coat and blue eye color and the development of deafness. This does not mean that all cats with these characteristics suffer from this disease, but the possibility exists. It is therefore advisable to visit the veterinarian to perform the necessary tests.


The Khao Manee breed does not require much effort to care for.


Its coat is short and therefore easy to maintain. A brush from time to time will be enough to keep the Khao Manee clean.


It is also recommended to check and clean its eyes, in addition to following the vaccination and deworming program.

Here you are! So, are you planning to adopt a Khao Manee cat? What’s your favorite breed? Let us know in the comments below.

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