June 22, 2024
How to Feed a Neutered Cat

How to Feed a Neutered Cat



– Castration: what are the consequences on the cat’s health?

– What are the consequences of the cat’s diet?

– Feeding a neutered cat

– Feeding a neutered cat: kibble or pate?

It would help if you adapted a castrated cat’s diet to its condition. Just like a pregnant cat or an older cat, its nutritional needs are not the same. Choosing kibble or food is vital for your pet’s excellent health.

Spaying: what are the consequences on the cat’s health?

Spaying female cats and neutering the males is a general surgical procedure. It allows to avoid unwanted births and prevent painful behaviors (acute meowing in heat period, urinary markings, runaways…). But this act is not harmless for the cat’s health. It increases the risk of urinary stones, which can cause chronic cystitis or even obstruction of the urethral canal. Therefore, investing in kibble or cat food adapted to neutered cats, although a little more expensive, will save you veterinary expenses later on.

What are the consequences of the cat’s diet?

Sterilization has a necessary consequence on the food intake of cats:

– a decrease of the energetic need;

– increase in food intake by:

o 26% in males;

o 18% in females.

As a result, cats gain an average of 26% more weight after sterilization, both male and female. Obesity has proven health consequences for cats, including an increased risk of:

– diabetes;

– lameness;

– skin diseases.

Feeding a neutered cat

How to Feed a Neutered Cat

To avoid any risk of being overweight, the diet of the neutered cat must

– contain a fat content limited to about 10% to avoid weight gain;

– have a protein level of about 35% for a good balance;

– be low in minerals (especially magnesium) to reduce the risk of urinary stones;

– contain fiber to facilitate transit and increase the feeling of satiety.

Don’t hesitate to ask about kibbles or pates specially designed for sterilized cats. This will ensure your cat’s health. In addition, owners tend to forget about drinking:

– The cat must always have free access to clean water and sufficient quantity.

– Water is even more essential for the neutered cat because, mixed with food, it prevents the development of kidney stones and other digestive problems.

What to feed your neutered cat: kibble or pate?

Keep the type of food you usually give your cat (kibble or pate). Don’t change anything if it suits your cat. Indeed, during this period of adaptation after sterilization, it is not necessary to disturb your pet with a change of diet. However, if the cat has urinary problems, it may be required to switch to a wet diet gradually.

Please note: it is advisable not to give your sterilized cat unlimited food so that you can control its food intake.

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