April 24, 2024

Sometimes, we are too preoccupied with our own hectic lives that we fail to recognize those signs of our dogs expressing their unconditional love towards us.

#1. They Will Wag Their Tail When They Are Around You

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Prolonged eye contact is not the only clue that your pooch loves you.

Usually, dogs wag their tails when they want to communicate different emotions such as happiness, fear, tension or aggression. But, how can you tell a happy tail wagging from those other emotions?

  • When your dog is wagging its tail along with the whole butt, you can bet he is saying, “I’m so happy to see you.”
  • When the tail is sweeping back and forth, that’s another sign that he is comfortable and happy to be with you.
  • And, when dogs feel intrinsically positive about someone, you will notice how the tail will wag in circles and in a friendlier tone.
  • Long wags also represent happiness and positivity.
  • The more relaxed and loose the tail seems to be, the more happy and comfortable your dog is with you.

#2. They Will Be Loyal to You

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You know what they say, if you truly love someone, being loyal should be easy.

Even though loyalty is rare (even among animals sometimes), but dogs are well-known for their loyalty. And, did you know that their loyal nature originates from their wolf ancestry?

If you are a book worm, you must have come across werewolf romance novels (as they are pretty everywhere, especially on Wattpad). And, if you are a fan of these paranormal romances, I am sure you find big werewolves who are absolutely powerless to love, mate for life and take the responsibility of caring and guiding their offspring deliciously thrilling and intoxicating. Well, somewhere, dogs also follow this loyal concept.

Living with you, they consider you as an important part of their life and hence can go to any extent for you.

#3. They Will Watch Over You When You Are Sick

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Once again, let’s go back to the staggering world of werewolves!

Werewolves (just like wolves in real life) depend mainly on the care provided by their family members when they are sick.

Similarly, dogs will express their loving and caring nature by watching over you when you are sick.

#4. They Will Smile at You

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What? Dogs and smile? Impossible. Wrong!

For those who once thought they saw their dogs smiling and dismissed it, let me tell you, it was not a product of your imagination. Instead, you were right. Dogs can indeed smile like us.

But, compared to human beings, who have the perfect skills to fake smiles, dogs only smile when they genuinely want to communicate love, happiness and affection.

#5. They Will Sniff Your Crotch

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Embarrassing. Annoying. Irritating. A lot. I know.

However, this doesn’t have the same meaning for your dog. This is a very friendly behavior (just like how we have the hands-shaking one) where your dog wants to greet you and try to obtain more information about where you’ve been through your scent.

#6. They Might Get Agitated When You Lie Down

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A dog owner tried this experience once. Up to you if you want to reproduce the same thing (but, guys, I am not taking any responsibility).

What the man did was to lie down on his couch and pretend he was unconscious. Noticing how his owner was unresponsive, the dog instantly jumped on the couch and started licking his head and face, a desperate attempt to “revive” his owner.

This is just a little example to tell you how much your dog loves and cares for you.

#7. They Will Sense Your Sadness

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Maybe when you were unhappy, like going through a heartbreak or a work problem, no one around you could comfort you. But, what about your furry friend, who must have snuggled up to you and rest its head on you?

Dogs are more than just nice companions that we love to walk or play with. They are with us all the time, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. But, sometimes, we fail to understand that relationship, isn’t it?



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