April 24, 2024

Your dog is more than just a companion. It is your best friend, family member and represents an irreplaceable part of your life.

But, the question here is: does your dog love you back?

Your Dog Will Recognize Your Name

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Call out to Tommy and he will respond immediately and run to you. This is because dogs can learn and know their names. However, a dog that genuinely loves you (and they are always genuine, even more than those living things that we call “human beings”), will recognize your name and will be excited when they hear it.

According to some research, dogs can memorize the names of their favorite people and even when these people are no present, they can get excited at the mention of their names, thinking that they might appear.

Your Dog Holds Eye Contact With You

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Eye contact is a type of body language that can mean a lot of things.”

Would you stare deeply into the eyes of someone you despise or someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened? Of course not! Holding long eye contact is meant only for those you love, trust and feel comfortable with. And, the same applies to dogs.

Among themselves, dogs interpret a stare as a challenge. But, when you catch two lovely eyes gazing at you, that’s a different thing. If your dog keeps staring at you, it’s a way for him to say those three magical words. And, when you get that prolonged eye-gazing (especially when you can’t see the whites of his eyes), it means that they are very comfortable with you and trust you completely.

Research shows that when it’s holding eye contact with you, its brain releases more and more oxytocin. And, don’t be too surprised but known as the “love hormone”, oxytocin is the same hormone present in mothers’ brains when they first bond with their babies. Heart-touching, isn’t it?

He Tries to Follow Your Rules

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Many pet owners are infuriated when their dogs do not adhere to the basic rules. And, their list of complaints is a never-ending one: “My dog jumps on guests, gets on the furniture, doesn’t come when I call him….”

Every dog owner’s dream is to have their pet follow their commands and obey their instructions. But, what you should remember is that dogs are animals and animals don’t live by rules. And, when you are introducing them to the world of rules and commands, you are putting them in a world that they cannot possibly understand completely.

However, if you notice that your dog is trying his best to follow your rules, it means that he is eager to please you.

Sleeping in Your Bedroom

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If your dog’s been sleeping near you or likes to be in the same bedroom with you, it has the desire to get close to you. And, as sleep represents a sort of vulnerable time, your dog wants to get closer to you.

Leaning Against You

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It is evident you won’t lean up towards anybody and this goes for your dog also.

Whether you are sitting on the couch, on your bed or even on the floor, you will notice that your dog will tend to lean against you. This means that he feels safe, secure and completely comfortable in your presence.

It’s Happy When You Get Home

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Whether you are tired from working all day or from a toxic boss, when you are returning back home, happiness and a smile automatically come to you when you have a dog who greets you.

Whether he’s jumping up and down, licking your hands and face or bringing you his favorite toy, you know your dog’s excited to see you.

Seeking Physical Contact

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Some say that dogs hate being hugged. Well, I am not sure about that but what I do know is that dogs would often seek physical affection from the people they love.

The person who said that a dog is a man’s best friend was not lying. Indeed, we cannot spend one day without playing or cuddling with our dogs. And, today we learned that just as much as we love them, they also think of us as family.



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