June 22, 2024
cat tree

At this point in my life, I wouldn’t call myself a crazy cat lady, but at some point in the future, I could see people referring to me as Eleanor Abernathy or the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons. No, but jokes aside, cats are great, and I believe that if you have pets, you should treat them like your kids and should provide the best for them. This is why I believe that every cat owner ought to own a cat tree.

To optimize the comfort of your sweet kitty and to prevent them from scratching your furniture, it is important to set up a cat tree in your home. You don’t need a big budget to do this, as there is an economical solution: build one with inexpensive materials. There are many different designs and materials to choose from. Learn about them in this article and how to make them.

A cat tree with a tree branch

cat tree

This is the most practical and environmentally friendly solution because you just need to pick up a large tree branch in the forest and install it at home. Place it vertically on a solid support. Add wooden platforms on which will be placed soft materials such as wool carpet, synthetic fur, velvet, etc. Place hanging toys, cushions, and a soft blanket to make it more aesthetic and functional. To make a scratching post, wrap sisal rope around a section of the branch near its base.

A cardboard cat tree

cat tree

This is an economical solution because you only need to collect a few cardboard boxes in good condition that are strong enough to support your cat’s weight. Assemble and glue the boxes together to give them a shape. To add a decorative effect, decorate the entire cardboard cat tree with sheets of decorative paper, acrylic paint, fine sandpaper, etc. The tree should have several levels: a nap area, a control tower, a house, etc. To allow your cat to play and observe its surroundings, create small openings.

A wall-mounted cat tree

cat tree

It is ideal for cat owners living in a rather narrow apartment. It is possible to make it without drilling holes in the wall. To do this, you need a sturdy box, wall scratches (for pictures) to assemble and fix in pairs, and sisal or fiber rope to wrap around the box’s wood.

A cat tree with a ladder

cat tree

Install an unused ladder, cover its legs with a coil of rope, and secure its ends with nails. Screw the bed to the top of the ladder. Cover the steps with pieces of decorative carpet (attach with wood glue).

A cat tree with wicker baskets

cat tree

Wicker baskets are a good base for a cat tree, thanks to their round or square shape and their rigidity. Assemble them, attach them to the shape you want, and add accessories and a hammock to keep your cat entertained.

A cat tree with IKEA furniture

cat tree

You can choose between bedside tables, shelves, and chairs. To make a cat tree with tables, assemble 4 identical IKEA bedside tables with a few squares and screws and baskets to form hiding places and nap spaces. This type of cat tree has the advantage of being easy to clean, by hand or with a machine. You can also add a scraper around its feet.

To make a cat tree with shelves:

    1. Remove the protective film from a carpet tile and glue it to the small shelves.
    2. Flip the shelves over and discard the excess carpet.
    3. Attach them to the wall, staggering them and alternating them so your cat can access each shelf.
    4. Be aware that this type of cat tree takes up very little space.

To build a cat tree with chairs, take 4 chairs that you no longer use. Place the first 2 chairs back to back. And place the other 2 chairs horizontally on top so that your cat has a place to relax. You can opt for the latter type of cat tree if you have a large enough space.

I am personally on team cat because I grew up with them, We always had a cat or two in my childhood home, and I used to love playing with them. Yes, I did dream of being like Catwoman at least once or twice, but this was a childhood dream. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you own a cat or wish to own one.

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