July 23, 2024

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Play and exercise are essential for felines, but sometimes they lose interest or become too sick to perform specific tasks. Sometimes, even if you have a nice toy, your cat may not play with it. Why is this?

A reluctance to play usually means that the cat has a health problem and needs medical attention. Otherwise, your cat may not want to play with you or your toys for some reason. Here are some possible answers to why your cat won’t play with you.

Why Cats Don’t Play

First of all, cats sleep a lot. Experts say that adult cats rest an average of 12 to 15 hours a day, with multiple naps, or 75% of the time asleep. Kittens sleep more, about 20 hours, or 90% of the day. However, from three to four weeks of age, their sleep time decreases to 60%.

If you think about it, you will understand that it is pretty normal for cats to sleep all day long. However, if your cat does not show any signs of wanting to play with you or interact with the world around it, you should be worried no matter how hard you try.

You should also know that kittens lose their restlessness and playfulness as they become adult cats. However, it is never too late to activate them through play physically.

Furthermore, your feline companion may not always play and jump around as much as you would like. Here are some reasons why your cat won’t play with you.

Bored With The Toys

Cats have preferences about who they play with and what they play with. If you give them a particular activity or toy, they may not be interested in it. This is entirely normal and a possibility to be aware of.

However, if your usual routine does not stimulate your pet, you may want to try other toys or activities. There are many games that you can make yourself with elementary materials. In this regard, cats are not picky. A cardboard box will suffice, and they won’t demand expensive toys.

Bad Health

If he is sick, will he want to play? The answer will always be no.

According to experts, the lack of interest in playing (in extreme cases) usually hides some symptom or pain that prevents your pet from playing. Therefore, it is best to consult a veterinarian and examine your pet.

Also, showing little interest in playing suggests that the cat feels stressed or anxious about something new or a strange situation. This symptom needs to be treated with professional help.

Playing, Cat, Kitten, Toys, Surprise, Play, Adorable
Playing, Cat, Kitten, Toys, Surprise, Play, Adorable

How to Encourage Play with Your Cat

Most cats like to be on your lap or in the sun, but environmental enrichment and play are part of a cat’s overall health. If you want your cat to be more active, here are some ideas for play that will keep your pet interested and engaged.

  • Increase the amount of time you spend interacting with your cat every day. Toys are essential, but the best thing you can do is play with them.



  • You may want to add another cat to encourage the lonely cat. Keep in mind that this is not a quick fix. All new pets have to go through a process of adaptation. They must spend the first few weeks in their own room. This is necessary to ensure a slow and safe introduction.


  • Make or buy a game to test their skills and pack some snacks. That way, your cat can have fun and enjoy the tasty treats.

Let us know if these few tips have helped get your cat to play again in the comments below!

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