July 23, 2024

Who knew that August 10th is National Spoil Your Dog Day? Not me!

But, you can take this special day as an excuse to give some extra special love and attention to your special pooch.

#1. Spend Some One-on-One Time Together

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Let’s start with something simple.

If you are reading this article, it means that you love your dog a lot and you must also love spending some quality time with your pet. But how often do you do this? Remember that dogs are social animals that thrive on attention and meaningful connection with you.

Try to take some extra time every day, leave your iPhone aside and engage with your pal. You can play with it, go a nice walk or simply snuggle on the couch and enjoy each other’s company. You can also have some exercise training sessions, where praising your pup can make it feel very happy and special.

#2. Give Your Dog a Frozen Treat on a Hot Day

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Suppose it’s hot. Really scorching hot outside. And, all you are given is a regular glass of water. Honestly, instead wouldn’t you want to enjoy some delicious frozen treats like an ice-cold popsicle?

Well, like you, your dog can also feel the heat on an impossibly hot day (especially Pugs and French Bulldogs have a much harder time with hot weather). But, instead of the regular bowl of water, surprise your dog with a frozen treat. For example, you can stuff a Kong toy with peanut butter and place it in the freezer for a few hours before giving it to your dog.

#3. Take Your Dog to a Pet Supply Store and Let Him Choose a New Toy

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Remember that time when you were a kid and how jovial you were when your parents brought you to a toy store and let you make your choice. The same goes for your dog.

Don’t try to guess what your dog might like. Instead, head to a local pet supply store along with your dog. And, trust me, all those new sights and smells will provide mental stimulation and represents a possibility to socialize for your dog.

Now, rather than making the choice for your dog, let it explore the different the rows of toys and you will see that it will be a fun experience for your special pooch.

#4. Buy Your Dog Some New Swag

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A spoiled dog is a fashionable dog.

Make your dog look his best with some fancy swag, such as a new collar.

  • If you want and can afford a more “lush” look, opt for a “haute couture” leather and gemstone collar. It comes in a variety of Italian leather shades and is even sometimes adorned with Austrian crystals.
  • But you can also go for a more simple look but with a personalized touch. For example, you can get your dog’s name monogrammed on a fun design. Some pet owners even add their phone numbers too, in case their furry friends get lost.
  • A LED collar is another option that can light up your dog’s life.

#5. Give Your Dog a Massage

7 Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home

If your pet loves to be cuddled, then chances are he will love a nice soothing massage. Scheduling a spa session for your dog will make him relax and ease any sore muscles.

However, there is nothing stopping you from giving him a massage at home also. And, don’t worry, you have something called the Internet that will help you. But, still let me give you one important tip: Use soft, sweeping motions along the dog’s body and avoid any areas that he doesn’t like to have touched. Plus, you can customize the spa experience with your own essential oil diffuser (but please do a proper research to see what essential oils are safe for dogs).


No, the list doesn’t stop here as there is much more, so much more that you can do to spoil your furry friend. And, if you think your dog is really worth some pampering, you will come back for the second part.



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