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Mice are not considered your usual pet; they are very different from cats and dogs. However, they are very interesting and interactive. If they are not used to human contact from an early age, it will be more difficult to socialize. Compared to other pets that need a specific kind of environment to thrive…

Mice are very friendly pets, so you should consider having two or more for them to be happy. However, if you plan to keep two males together, make sure to desex them beforehand, as they are likely to fight. Also, do not keep desex females and males together if you plan to have baby mice. The best approach would be to keep two females or desexed animals. The two must be put in the environment simultaneously so that the other hasn’t marked its territory first, which can generate a fight.

Best Tips For Mice:

The Best Environment For Your Mice
The Best Environment For Your Mice

Bedding And Materials:

– There are different housing for mice; just make sure that it is large enough and well-ventilated.

– You should avoid plastic, glass, and aquarium for your mice housing as they are not well-ventilated. Wooden housing shall be avoided because the wood will absorb the urine; thus, it cannot be cleaned thoroughly.

– The house should have adequate flooring so that the mice’s feet won’t get hurt. I would recommend you cover the floor with a newspaper or towel. You should avoid wire or grid, as they may hurt your mice.

– You will need plenty of bedding; towels, blankets, grass, shredded paper, and newspaper are the best for mice. This will allow them to hide and nest. The bedding should be 2 to 3 cm deep so that they can dig in it. Stay away from bedding that has any type of fragrance, as your mice can later develop health issues.

– Each day, any soiled bedding should be removed, and the entire cage should be thoroughly cleaned with warm, non-fragrant soapy water at least once a week.


– Like any other pet, mice should have some kind of attraction to not be bored. Different levels and climbing surfaces are available, but your mouse must not be able to fall from a great height.

– Ideas of attraction; small cardboard boxes, shredded paper, and cardboard or PVC tubes can all be used as hiding places. Mice are predatory animals. Therefore, they need to conceal and have access to several sites where they can swiftly slip undercover if they are frightened.

– If you can, you may want to buy some toys on which they can chew; if you cannot afford those, look for untreated hardwood branches.

The Best Environment For Your Mice
The Best Environment For Your Mice


Mice are delicate creatures that must be treated with extreme caution.- Human interaction may provide your mice with a great source of enrichment. They must be habituated to gentle and frequent handling from a young age to enjoy it. When handling mice, be careful to support their complete body; this makes handling more pleasant and safe, the mice feel safer, and they are less likely to resist and perhaps damage themselves or escape. Children should always be watched near mice since they can damage them accidentally.


-Mice have a strong smell sense, so it is better to avoid using a product with a strong smell near them as it may cause discomfort. For example, wash their bedding with fragrance-free soap and avoid spray perfume near them.

-Avoid exposing your mice to high-pitched or loud noise and ultrasounds.

You should check your mice every morning before going to work and see if they need anything. Look closely to see if there are any signs of disease. Let us know in the comments if you have mice or thinking of adopting one…

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