June 22, 2024
The Craziest Pet Superstitions Debubked (# 3 Is the Craziest of All)

Cats have nine lives. Dogs can see ghosts. Step-in dog poop and you’ll have good luck following you everywhere. 

I’m sure you must have heard of all these “superstitions” countless times before.

And, finally, it’s time to debunk some of them.

#1. Dogs Eating Grass Means It’s Going to Rain

Dogs Eating Grass Means It’s Going to Rain

Ok, let’s get into some personal info first. My pooch is well…can I say weird?

You know the saying that goes like, “there are two types of dogs, one who eats to live and one who lives to eat.” Guess what? Mine’s the latter. He is always nibbling on something and when I try to be a strict pet parent, I receive the usual pitying side glances.

That to say, my “Cooper” is a grass-eater.

Oh and he may not be the only one on earth.

Although dogs are known to be very strict carnivores, you’ll have a few wild ones eating grass.

Thing is, many believe that when dogs are eating grass, it means it’s going to rain.

Now, suppose your dog does eat grass and on that same day, it rains. Trust me, it’ll just be a coincidence and nothing more.

We’ve talked with experts and their say in it is that it’s pretty common for dogs to eat grass due to the following reasons:

  • Your pooch loves the taste of grass.
  • Eating grass can be a warning sign that your dog is either bored or depressed.
  • Studies showed that dogs often try to eat grass when they’ve got an upset stomach.

So, if your dog is eating grass excessively, call a vet instead of assuming there’s gonna be a heavy rainfall.

#2. Stepping on a Cat’s Tail Means You Won’t Get Married That Year

Stepping on a Cat’s Tail Means You Won’t Get Married That Year

So folks, any plans to get married this year?

If you do, make sure you don’t step on a cat’s tail.

Huh, why?

Well, I don’t know where this notion originates from, but apparently if accidentally you step on a cat’s tail – kitten or adult cat – you will be plagued with bad luck and you won’t be able to get married on that very same year.

Well, no offense but that just sounds like a big load of crap to me.

If you want to walk down the aisle, it’s up to you, your would-to-be and of course, COVID restrictions. But never up to a cat or such a ridiculous belief.

#3. A Dog Bite Can Impregnate a Woman With Puppies

A Dog Bite Can Impregnate a Woman With Puppies

If you are in India and you sneeze thrice, you will be advised to stay confined at home as this sort of sneezing is actually considered a bad omen.

Welcome to the land of superstitions and sacred rituals!

Superstition is deeply rooted in Bharat and even science cannot control this unruly flow of irrational beliefs and rituals.

What I’m about to tell you is sure to leave you shocked beyond belief.

Apparently, in India, if you get bitten by a dog, you will conceive puppies.

What kind of nonsense is that?

Well, I guess people can’t be more stupid than that. Actually, I correct that. They can!

#4. A Howling Dog Means Death

A Howling Dog Means Death

See, I was right when I said people can be more and more stupid.

Howling has absolutely nothing to do with death.

Dogs are not messages of death or predictors of the future. They are mere animals who use howling as a means of communication.

If you’ve heard howling, it doesn’t mean someone will die but maybe the dog just wants to seek attention or maybe to say that there are sick and hurt.

#5. A Dog Walking Between a Couple Can Incite Quarrels

A Dog Walking Between a Couple Can Incite Quarrels

Wait, what?

Not again.

I mean, what’s the connection between a dog walking between two lovers and a couple’s fight?

Honestly, it’s all bullshit.

So, I rest my case for today. It’s enough for one day. But, how about you share with us the craziest pet superstition you’ve ever heard?









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