May 26, 2024


If you like DIY projects, you will ultimately love this one. Building a dog house is very easy, so every DIY fan can undertake the mission, but before starting, let’s go through the different factors that will make the house comfortable.

You do not need several years of experience in construction when building a dog house; you only need a few tools. Building a doghouse does not require expert building skills, only a few hours or even a weekend. There are a lot of decisions to make, what materials, comfort, and safety.

You will need to think about the details before even starting building.

Kennels For Pets, Dog Houses

Primary Purpose

How will your dog make use of the house? It may sound weird, but it is a very important element; most doghouses provide shelter for your dog when they are outside hanging… You may want to build a good house for any kind of weather.

Consider the different climates and how you can build the house to get through every season. So, for this part, you should think of a good roof to protect from the sun, walls for insulation, and research the flooring.


When it comes to architecture, you should look for good materials and think about the finished look. Everything should be put together and not just thrown out there. You should always opt for high-quality materials such as plywood or cedar (look for good ones). You can also use naturally pest-resistant wood, such as cedar or redwood. They won’t retain moisture and thus will not rot.

If you are building something from scratch, you want it to last and be the best. You can use shingles for the roof as it is durable roofing material. Do not use any materials that you can find in your yard or leftover plywood; they are not meant for roofing, and you will learn it the hard way.


A doghouse is not a castle, nor should it be too small. It should be at least the size of a full-grown adult size dog. You may want to measure your dog and go two to three times above its size. Your dog should be able to move comfortably from right to left, turn around, and stand up in the house.

You can make it as big as you want, but keep in mind that if you are building this house for winter, the larger it is, the more difficult it will be to keep the warmth. Before deciding on the final size, you should also think if you have amenities that you want to add to the house; if so, do not forget that they will take up space.

Make It Mobile

A doghouse does not need to be fixed. Keep in mind that you may want to move it, and to be able to do that, you should make it mobile. You may have to move your house based on your location and the climate, so to make your life easier, you may want to make it mobile.

Kennels For Pets, Dog Houses


It is important to provide a warm doghouse for your pet, especially during winter, to include insulation. You can use home-building materials such as foam board or fibreglass for insulation.

Ensure that everything is neat and clean, with no nails pointing out when you are done insulating.

Floor Elevation

Do not let the house be on the floor- I repeat, you should incorporate a way for your doghouse to be elevated. Just add a little space between the ground and the house- whether with legs or other ways. It will allow you to have climate control.

Give Yourself Access

You will want to have easy access to the house for several reasons- to clean it properly, get access to the toys, bedding, etc. Look for a design that gives easy access.

Whenever you are building the doghouse, you should ensure that it is safe; every material you are using should be non-toxic. If you are unsure, do your research or talk to someone with more experience. Let us know if you will accept the challenge of building your pet a doghouse…

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