April 24, 2024

I grew up surrounded by pets, and we always have upward of 5 pets at home at all times. My mom would adopt any abandoned pet she found on the street. Because of that, I grew up loving animals, and now I live in a Manhattan condo and have two cats. I don’t think I can live without pets at this point. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons for owning pets.

1. A faithful friend


Even if a pet is not human, it is a “living being endowed with sensibility”, to use the expression used in the Civil Code. Thus, you will be able to establish a real relationship with them, to which your four-legged friend will also contribute through his personality and the signs of affection that they will show you.

Animals are capable of empathy and consolation. Even if their language is non-verbal, we can understand them and vice versa! The animal also reflects the attention we give it. So, if we treat them well, they offer us a loving presence in return.

Many owners adopt a cat or a dog to fill an emotional need (for example, the departure of their children who have grown up). From the outside, this relationship may seem strange or excessive, but there is no need to worry about it if the presence of the animal brings well-being to its owners. Since it has its personality (with particular traits and tastes), it proves worthy of interest and endearing.

2- It brings tenderness


If you’ve never had a pet before and your children or spouse want you to have one, you may only see the downside. You hesitate to take the plunge when you think of the constraints that a pet implies: you will have to take the dog out or change the cat’s litter box… Even if this aspect should not be neglected (you must be able to meet the needs of your future companion and devote time to them).

You Should also weigh the benefits that this animal can bring you. A pet is not a cumbersome “object”, and it is a real-life companion to which you are likely to become attached. In return for your efforts for them, they will bring you affection and tenderness. In short, a daily dose of happiness!

3. Contributes to the peace of the home


Even more surprising, researchers have shown that the presence of a pet improves the number and quality of exchanges within the household. The animal is an inexhaustible subject of conversation and provides a number of anecdotes to share through its exploits or mischief.

Its presence is also a source of appeasement. Their presence is also a source of appeasement. Indeed, they constitute a common center of interest and reinforce the bonds of complicity between the family members.

If you have grandchildren, a good way to make them want to visit you is to have a dog or a cat at home! Children are naturally drawn to animals with whom they share a love of playing and cuddling. Even outside the home, the animal still plays a mediating role. You only have to walk your dog through realizing this!

Their presence alone attracts smiles of complicity, questions and allows them to engage in conversation with strangers. Therefore, the animal is an excellent way to break their solitude because it promotes exchanges for all generations.

4. It makes you feel valued and responsible


Having a pet is also a responsibility: you commit yourself to take care of it as best as possible by adopting it. This means meeting its needs, walking it, playing with it, training it (in the case of a dog), and treating it with respect.

Pets have an almost magical ability to bring out the best in us, including our good nature. If you can do this and make your dog happy, you will feel proud. Your pet will be grateful to you and will feel better about you. When you’re feeling nervous, irritable, or bitter, having a pet can be a real antidote to your negative emotions.

A cat will soothe you with purrs, while a dog will give you hugs and tender looks. Thanks to animals, humans find a more optimistic vision of the world. In fact, your four-legged friend can become a model of well-being and good humor for you.

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