July 23, 2024

Because they accompanied partners from the engagement to the last wedding, being part of the family too, your pets deserve an opportunity to enjoy this special day with you. With these costume ideas for guests of different species, everyone will be able to show off at the wedding.

Well Presentable for the big Day

Clean hairs, short nails and hairdressing are essential for both the hygiene and the well-being of the pets at the wedding. Take the opportunity to pamper them before the big day: treat them to a spa day, their favorite treats or a long, relaxing walk. With good grooming, they will ensure that their pets look perfect even if at the mere moment they decide to look natural.

Preferably, grooming should be done the day before, to reduce the risk of disastrous soiling. If you fear that your little ones will get sick, ask for the service a week in advance and have cleansing foam or dry shampoo on hand. You can also have your pets professionally groomed while you get your wedding hair done or put on your entire bridal look.

Stylish Outfits for Pets

To show off the best version of your pets, consider a gala look to get into the spirit of the celebration. This is the ideal look for urban weddings or modern parties: they will be the most photographed! A little dress or a tuxedo, a casual shirt or a nice sweater will look very elegant. Currently, there are different brands that offer all kinds of designs for dogs, cats and even for friends of other species. From full suits and rompers to bibs and tutus, there’s plenty to choose from.

They can choose a gala look they like, or even coordinate the design or colors of the pets’ costumes with the ladies’ garden party dresses and best men’s suits. They can also follow the dress code that they have indicated in the texts for wedding invitations, or coordinate their clothing with the colors of the wedding. Although they can also opt for a wedding dress or a groom suit for pets, remember that their presence will already be quite striking and no guest should overshadow the bride and groom, even if they have adorable paws.

Pet Accessories

For the most restless pets, for the largest ones (or the smallest ones, like parakeets) and also for the most practical bride and groom, an accessory may be enough to highlight the feeling of the event. For them, there are bow or ribbon ties, elegant little collars and even little shoes that can be coordinated with the groom’s wardrobe or that of his entourage.

An Outfit for the Moment

If your pet is very patient and you want to show it off to the fullest, prepare several looks for it: they can wear a suit or an easy-to-remove accessory for the ceremony, wear glasses for the photo booth and wear a sweater for the new wedding. This is also a good alternative if your pet will be fulfilling a special task, such as carrying rings or a basket of wedding flowers to the ceremony or accompanying the bride and groom in their photos. They can ask for the cooperation of their most pet-friendly family and friends to help them change it.

Comfort Above All

Pay close attention when choosing the materials of the outfit: dogs, cats and rodents have a lot of hair, so even the lightest fabrics can become uncomfortable. Take into account the climate and ventilation that will be felt in the location before dressing them, and look for fabrics and designs that do not itch or constrict them.

Many pets may feel that clothes and some accessories limit their movements, so look for the perfect clothing so they can move freely. Each pet is unique and some are more fussy than others: dogs can be more patient than cats, and puppies can be more docile, especially if they are trained or have been wearing clothes for a while. Little ones are also more likely to take their clothes off than seasoned veterans of the art of dressing well.

Nude Pets

Not all pets love to dress up or leave outfits on for a long time. If your pet is not used to wearing clothes, or on the day of the wedding they get nervous and do not want to dress up properly, let them enjoy the party in their own way: nude is in trend in modern wedding dresses and is a classic in animal fashion. Add special perfume and natural oils to make your hair shine more. Remember to only use products that your pets are used to, are appropriate for them and are safe.

Remember that your pets can help you in civil and spiritual ceremonies. They can carry a poster with thoughts of love or be part of the entourage to take care of the natural bridal bouquet. The furry, feathered or scaly members of the family will be the most adorable members of the wedding party.

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