May 26, 2024
What is Play Tunnel for Cats

What is Play Tunnel for Cats


    – What is a cat tunnel?

    – Criteria for choosing a cat play tunnel and its price

The games and accessories for our pets are varied, meeting their needs for occupation and development. Let’s take a closer look at a classic of recent years, the cat play tunnel.

What is a play tunnel for cats?

Play tunnels are part of everyday life’s so-called “enrichment” accessories. It is advisable to set up activities that stimulate them, get them moving and respond to their biological activities (climbing, jumping, hunting, etc.) to alleviate boredom, which is often present in our little pets’ lives. The play tunnel is a good example. It’s a small tunnel adapted to the cat’s size, but let’s see its characteristics.

The characteristics of the cat play tunnel

Cat tunnels can have the shape of a single pipe or have several “arms”. In this case, it is a triple tunnel, which is shaped like a Y. Here are the main features of the cat tunnel:

    – The cat tunnel is a flexible structure mounted on a semi-rigid wire, which usually allows it to be folded or unfolded easily.

    – The material used to make the tunnel is often washable, such as nylon or fleece fabric.

    – The tunnel can be soft and cozy, perfect for our little nappers!

    – Some simple tunnels have a buttoning system at the ends, which keeps them in a U shape, rather than an I shape all the time.

    – Some tunnels have an opening at the top, which is handy for looking outside while staying sheltered.

    – Finally, they also feature small bells or balls hanging from one end of the tunnel.

The interest in the play tunnel for cats

What is Play Tunnel for Cats

For the cat’s owner, the play tunnel is easy to store and install and takes up little space in the closet because it folds flat. Easy to clean and usable indoors and outdoors, there is usually no fear for the sturdiness of this accessory.

And the interest in the cat? Play tunnels are generally very popular with our little friends. Play alone or with others, hide, run through the pipe like crazy, be on the lookout, observe without being seen, or take a good nap in the shelter, curled up in this cozy place.

Good to know: if you have a very smooth floor (tile style) and you’re afraid to have the tunnel in your legs all the time, you can hold one of the ends to a furniture leg, some tunnels have a link for this purpose.

Criteria for choosing and pricing cat tunnels

To choose among the different models offered, you must first consider the quality/price ratio. You can choose a very inexpensive tunnel, but the quality will inevitably suffer. Don’t forget that your cat is likely to use it every day, so it’s better to invest in a slightly more expensive tunnel that will last longer.

As a reminder, the most common models are :

    – I-shaped (single tunnel) or Y-shaped (triple tunnel);

    – Nylon, plush, or fleece material;

    – Solid color or decorated (large cat paw prints, for example);

    – With buttonhole or tie, with or without a little ball or bell, with or without an extra opening on top.

As for the price, you will find the entry-level ones starting at $3 and up to $30 for the more expensive ones.

Good to know: if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can start making a tunnel for your cat, and you can easily find tutorials on the Internet. 

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