April 24, 2024

When cats defecate, it is often for hygienic reasons and to avoid being noticed by rivals because their odor attracts them.

Observing cats is a constant source of tenderness and pleasure and a source of questions. These felines engage in various behaviors that seem to make no sense. One example is the cat burying its excrement.

While this may seem like an instinctive behavior, it makes little sense in the context of a human home. Let’s find out why your cat kicks its hind legs every time it leaves the bathroom!

Cat Feces and Feline Animals

Feces is not at all pleasant to smell or handle. However, they are a significant source of information about their makers. This is especially true if the animal is a cat. They can smell the pheromones in this waste.

All characteristics of the feces are essential to obtain data. Quantity, color, odor, acidity, and the presence of microorganisms and parasites are all valuable parameters.

The combination of these values produces different odors for cats, and it is possible to deduce what species the cats are, what condition they are in, and even what they have eaten.

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons here. Obtaining this information is advantageous for the finder and dangerous for the disengaged. We must not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about intelligent animals. Cats bury their feces only when it suits them. They also know precisely when to do so.

Cats Bury Feces for Hygienic Reasons

While it is hard to imagine an animal urinating on curtains or presenting us with animal carcasses, cats are creatures that appreciate living in a clean environment. As evidence, they quickly learn to do their business in the bathroom. This also applies to the time they devote to grooming throughout the day.

Typically, they bury their excrement to maintain a sanitary and odor-free environment. It is a sign of the feline’s personality. It is also a sign of the feline’s nature not to let a single drop of urine escape from the litter tray.

 Feces and Territoriality

There is another major reason cats defecate. It is territoriality. If they defecate in a particular area, other animals can smell it. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

It allows the cat to mark the place as his own, so that other animals will shun him, and stronger, more dangerous rivals will be able to find his trail to chase him.

For example, smaller felines that share a habitat with larger cats bury their fecal matter. This is to avoid encountering them.

This act is also a sign of submission since covering feces reduces the odor dramatically. In this way, they message that they do not intend to fight over territory and do not want to be noticed.

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Why Does My Cat Bury Its Feces in the House Where It Is Not in Danger?

To be specific, the entire situation in the house must be considered, but domestic cats will bury feces when they view other family members (human or otherwise) as “owners” of their territory. In other words, it signals acceptance of being in someone else’s home.

Conversely, a cat that does not hide its feces after using the toilet signals that it believes it is in its own territory. If they don’t bury it, the smell of the feces will be transmitted further. This indicates to the person entering that they are nearby.

Whether or not your cat defecates, the most important thing is that it lives a healthy and peaceful life. In any case, only your veterinarian has the authority to diagnose and treat. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian and follow their instructions.

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