July 23, 2024

Finding the perfect name for your pet is often complicated. Indeed, the possibilities are numerous. You can choose names from the most classic to the most unusual. For purebred dogs registered in the L.O.F (Livre des Origines Français), there are certain rules to respect. Puppies whose birth year is 2022 must have a name beginning with the letter “S”. For the others, no rule is imposed. Everything depends on the will of its owners. Here are some tips on finding the perfect name for your four-legged friend.

Choose a name beginning with “S” if your dog is registered with the L.O.F.


For purebred puppies, the choice of name is imposed. For the year 2021, owners must choose a word that begins with the letter S.

Here are some ideas for male puppies with pedigree 

Sacha, Safari, Saga, Saiko, Sami, Sammy, Samson, Samy, Sandro, Saphir, Saturn, Saxo, Shadow, Scoubidou, Speedy, Sparky, Sidney, Silver, Simba, Sonic, Sonny, Snoopy, Sookie, Stan, Stanley, Stardust, Sergey, Strauss…

Here are some suggestions for female puppies with pedigree 

Saba, Sacha, Saga, Saiko, Sakura, Sally, Salome, Salsa, Salto, Salvador, Saly, Sam, Samba, Samy, Sandra, Sandrine, Sandy, Sangria, Sanji, Saphir, Saphira, Saphyr, Sara, Sarah, Sartre, Sasha, Sashenka, Saskia, Satine, Sato, Savana, Savane, Saya, Scarlett, Schnaps, Serena, Shadow, Shana, Shanel, Shangai, Shanna, Shanon. There is also Sheba, Shelby, Shiva, Shizaka, Shounen, Shanon, Siam, Sidney, Sidonie, Silke, Simba, Sirius, Sisi, Siska, Sissi, Sixtus, Sky, Snow, Socks, Solveig, Sondra, Sookie, Sophie, Soprane, Soquette, Soraya, Soukie, Stacey, Staci, Stacia, Stavira, Stacy, Star, Stasia, Stella, Sucrette, Suki, Sully, Sultane, Sumo, Sun, Sun Sunny, Sunday, Sunny, Suzy, Sweet, Sweetie, Sweety, Sybelle, Sydney, Symphony…

By browsing this long list, you will certainly find the perfect name beginning with S for your little companion born in 2022.

Choose a short name for your dog


It is wise to choose a short name for a dog. This is more convenient for the owner and for the family members. In addition, the pet will be able to recognize its name easily. This makes it easier for the dog to respond to everyday situations. According to many studies, dogs can clearly hear only two syllables. Therefore, you should choose a short name with phonetics that is easily recognizable by your pet or guard dog. You can even double the sounds like Yaya, Jojo, Loulou, Sisi, Baba, and many others.

Consider the breed of dog when choosing a name

When looking for the perfect name for your pet, it’s wise to take into account its breed. The goal is to avoid any ambiguity when naming your companion. For dogs with an imposing size, such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Labrador, French Bulldog, or Husky, it is better to choose more intimidating and evocative names.

This way, there will be a certain consistency between the animal’s appearance and its name. On the other hand, it is wise to give “cute” names to small poodles such as Chihuahua, Miniature Spitz, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Russkiy Toy, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and many others.

Avoid names that are too unusual or have negative connotations


When it comes to choosing a dog’s name, ideas abound. Children, in particular, are the ones who take on this task. At first, giving a dog an unusual name (e.g., jewel, sunflower, killer, bad guy, etc.) is a good idea. At first, it’s fun! However, you may regret having chosen a strange name for your dog in the long run.

A name is a kind of landmark for an animal. The owner must keep it throughout the dog’s life. Besides, it takes time for a dog to recognize and get used to its name. The goal is to avoid any confusion in the animal.

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